“Yes My son, I hear your prayer for the Spirit and My word, and it is in this that ye receive Me and it is in this that I am pleased. For as ye come unto Me in a fullness of desire it is then that the Heavens open and it is then that Mine angels attend Me and in so attend thee. For it is the nature of service and it is the nature of the Heavens, that the service of man is the glory of the work and in this is the gift given that ye might know My will. For I have heard your questioning mind, ‘Why me?’ and I say unto thee, ‘Why not he who has traversed the highways of the mind and of the physical seeking Me, desiring Me and now finding Me? Why not ye?’ For as ye have sought Me on thy journey, thou hath refined thyself in thy ways of the world and as ye have received Me, ye have received the Father and in this ye have been blessed. For as a man cometh unto Me, it is then that the Heavens can come unto him and open the veil to reveal All That Is. For as ye have said, ‘Thy will be done.’ It is then that the Heavens can give to the degree of the release, and ye have released thy will unto Me, and so the Heavens open wide and ye are blessed. Ye who have been through the trails of Heaven and Earth, who has proven and continues to prove worthy of the parted veil. For there are many gifts and talents given and it is in this that ye receive this, the gifts of knowing, the gift of hearing and the gift of seeing and in these ye bring forth the Spirit of Love to bless thyself and the world. For My son, ye have been asking for the word of permission to share the words of promise to the world with the intention of sharing the wisdom and I say unto thee, ‘That it is in this that ye receive for the one, to serve the many.’ But as ye have asked let Me now say unto thee, ‘That the time is of the essence to let thy voice be known in Heaven and Earth as ye cry out for the world, to prepare the hearts of men to come unto Me and receive Me, even as thee.’ For as ye do this ye will be blessed with the gift of My Holy Spirit and the world that is ready will listen. For those that are ready will listen and the Spirit of Hope will touch their hearts and bring them unto Me, that they might hear and know My will, which is in their hearts ready to be revealed.

Oh My children of the Earth, hear Me and hear the will of the Father. Come unto Me, in that I might bring thee forth out of the darkness of the world and into the light of all knowing. Receive these words and come unto Me in thy heart and as ye do this ye will find Me, and the path of all salvation and righteousness.

Oh the world of man, awaken again unto the truth of what is, for as ye do this then ye will know the truth of what will be. For even as the storm of cleansing is near, let ye prepare and come unto Me that ye might know that which will not only save thee physically, but save thy soul. For this is the day for men to prepare to meet God. And in this is My call to, ‘Come unto Me’, with all intention and will of mind, heart and body and that which will serve thee best is that of the heart. For as ye come unto Me with thy heart, it is in this that ye will hear Me and know the way before thee; for it is of the heart that I will speak and it is of the mind that will follow. So seek Me first in your heart and then the word of truth will open unto thee without limit and without confusion. Be ye therefore of the heart and ye shall know it is I, even the Lord of All Creation that descended below all to rise above all, Jesus Christ, the Lamb from the beginning and He who was sacrificed for thee. ‘Come unto Me.’ And as ye do this, then it will allow the gates of this world to open to the world of My love. For it is only for thee to ask and it is then the Light of Love will lead thee, even as it has led he who writes the words of love and counsels of wisdom, My servant.

Oh the ear of the world, hearken and know that the world is soon changed, and in this will the world evermore know the truth of all things, that the wicked one has led the hearts of men unto paths of wickedness. And in this the world cleansed, for surely as the sun shineth, it will soon shine twice and all will know that which is of the heart. So open thy hearts and let the ways of the world fall away unto the ways of what is of truth, light and love. For even as ye do this ye will find thy path which is back unto Me, the Lord and Christ of this world. Oh ye, hear Me and ‘Come unto Me.’

Blessed art thou, son, to be the bearer of this word and truth. Let thy voice be heard as a trump to the world of My coming and the time to prepare the hearts of man to receive Me even as, I Am.”



It is with great humility that I speak these words of my heart, and it is with the love of the Heavens that I even raise my voice and speak to you. That you might know the love of God that waits to embrace you, as you open to His Spirit that calls forth, “Come unto Me.”

I want to be very clear, that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As a follower of the gospel of Christ, I not only believe, but know with a surety that our Lord has restored His truth and authority upon the Earth once more, and in His framework of truth has given us again living Prophets. A Prophet who is called to lead and disseminate the counsels of Heaven to the body of His church, The Church of Jesus Christ, and in this there is one voice that leads, who is given the fullness of gifts and keys of authority. But as there is one voice that leads, there can be many voices that have and do now call out to the world, in the spirit of prophecy. For when the Lord called me to this, I questioned how this could be? Because in my understanding, there could be only one prophet and I was in fear of myself; in remembering the prophecies of the latter days and how there would be false prophets. In this memory I even questioned and examined myself, but in His loving way, the Lord, patiently lead me to the 11th chapter of Numbers in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. There in the 25th through the 29th verses, it tells of Joshua who is concerned about prophets prophesying in the camp of Israel and he approaches Moses with his concern and Moses tells Joshua not to worry, ‘if only the Spirit of the Lord was upon all the people’. In these words, the Lord, was showing me how there can be a Prophet leader and those that prophesy with the Spirit. And again, being very clear, I am of the later! I will always defer to the Prophet leader that the Lord has called to speak to the masses of His church and to the world.

With that being said, I would like to say this blog is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The writings and views are of my own personal nature and of my personal inspirations and revelations from God. You may wonder why I am revealing my own personal journey of a life of questions, seeking, hardship and trials. I have had a self journey through my own pain, feelings of lack of worth and disbelief. I share it because it is a journey of hope and love restored, as I continue to grow into the man that I once was before this mortal existence by aligning myself with the man who communed with God, the Father, and our shining Brother, Jesus Christ. As His son, I will share this very personal journey that will reveal my very core emotions and issues of worth. If you should choose to read further you will learn of my continuing triumphs over this world and of my continually responding to His voice and call, “Come unto Me.” For in truth, this is not just my story, but all of our stories as we learn and grow and remember who we are. We are all sons and daughters of the God Supreme; our Heavenly Father whom we are trying to return into His very presence.

If you should choose to continue to read you will see that I have divided these writings into three sections. The Beginning, which tells of my personal history and issues, so you might better understand and know my motivations. The Journey, is the beginning of my responding, in a more conscientious manner, to His voice. And finally, The Call, which is my return to Him and my lessons of submission and obedience through His counsels and His words of prophecy so that you and I might be prepared for what is to come. One might want to skip my ‘opening process’ and read the more pure messages of our Lord, that begin with the date, December 2, 2012; or you might choose to read of my beginning struggles of navigating and opening to His voice. Through all of these is the journey to love, love of self and love of God. It has been and still is a continuing journey that is full of miracles that defy belief, a relationship of Heaven and man. And in this you should know that it is not of the ego that I share these things, but of the testimony and witness of a loving Heaven that reaches out to each of us. In this witness, I have chosen to be anonymous for now. In all honesty, I am not sure if I am strong enough to withstand the buffetings of this world. It is not of importance who, had this experience, but what this experience is about… a witness of Jesus Christ and His word through my personal journey, a witness to the world and even you.