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January 1, 2008


I am being told to write again…


“The blessings that flow to you are from the Father, the Creator of All. The blessings that flow through you are also from Him. Share the joy of the blessings with others. Let them hear of God’s hand in your life and in theirs. The voice of the Beloved is heard through the blessing. The actions and deeds are prayers to Him; His gift of you in return. Bless those around you with His love and receive that which is yours. “You shall not want.” It has been spoken and so it shall be. Blessings to you this holy day of new life; blessings to all creation.”

I heard the first phrase while waking. I then fell back asleep and heard the very same words when I woke again.





January 17, 2008




“The time has come, the time is now when the opportunity for truth to come forth as never before. The element of trust is needed for your continued growth, in this endeavor of growth and progress. The battle is yours; you alone are in the struggle. We are here to support you. We are not here to condemn you. The battle of will is only yours. The pen will flow when the hand is willing. Your struggle of will and guilt is the process of your upbringing of structured thought to keep you in discipline of religion, the theology of the masses, to keep the group as a whole. Laws are given but laws should be viewed as guidelines not something to beat yourself bloody or to drive you away. The power of love is the force that is used to pull people to the truth and for them to find their will. But remember the door is opened when the desire is there; desire is the greeter for all to enter. Why would we close the door, when it is the love that draws you to that which you seek? When you look to us it is because of the love; the same energy that is within us, the same that gives us our life and the Source of All. So why would we turn that which is a part of us away? The truth is eternal and needs no division or defending. The truth is embodied in love and the same energy that is within us all.

You wonder about the nature of love…

It is the energy that is within all things. So when you think of a loving person, it is everyone! The person that commits horrendous acts carries love unfocused. When we are all awakened we will see the truth of the Source of Life and that all are part of that source or God. All are the children of love. Yes, it is that simplistic.”

 “We know of your time and your obligations …

The time is ready for the fruit to be plucked from the tree. The fruit is ripened and sweet; and ready to give nurturance to all who partake. Partake and know that you are loved and in the hands of All That Is, even so the Father of us all. Relax and allow the love to flow. Namaste.”






January 20, 2008


Pen in hand…


“The time has come for you to decide your path; the path of Spirit or the path of self. The path of Spirit will take you to All That Is and the path of self will give you the self-freedom of expression. The expression of self is valuable but is not the path to All That Is. All That Is awaits those that have discipline. You ask, what is discipline? Discipline is the ability to focus; the ability to turn off ones mind and to be able to focus with such intention, as to move from one world to the next. Death is required to make this transition, but this gift to the living, it requires focused discipline.”

 I question my ability to let go, to give up my control and to give up my freedom?

“Your view of freedom is ego based. You are afraid to give up and let go of it because it serves the ego. It gives power in your survival; the survival is a false sense. When you surrender to Spirit there is no need to survive because the sense of well being is out of your hands and in the hands of God. Which is always the case, but the ego does not see through the illusion of life. Come to us.”

I am afraid that I will loose my sense of will and that I will be a servant of another’s will and voice.

“The struggle of the ego for survival is a strong one. It will show you the worst and then cling to it, to give you the proof of fear. The choice is yours the path awaits you, but only you can walk it; only you can choose the course of your life. Follow He who calls or follow your own ego’s voice, either way you will not loose. The ego wanderings will give you a meaningful journey of beauty and awe. The path of He that beacons will give you a more direct journey to the gift of All That Is, the blissful state of God.”

Must I abandon all my earthly pleasures?

“It will require a heart that is open and a heart that sings in gratitude. The mind will need to be quieted and the soul will need to lift to the journey. You struggle and wrestle with the sense of self.”

 I just enjoy being able to choose my way, my choices of relaxation. I question my ability to make a decision and to stay attuned to that decision. Please don’t make me do this. I start to feel the maverick, the fear within the wild not wanting to be controlled. I want to be able to run free when I choose and to return to the corral when I choose. I am afraid to let go, to give it up and loose what I have known, what gives me comfort.

“It is a process. You are not expected to be perfect; to give up all and be the extreme. The all or nothing is a set-up of the ego to stay within the comfort of no change. The journey of God is not one of self-perfection. It is one of an open heart and the willingness to continue to move toward that which you desire. You are in the ego’s fight for life. Relax and you will calm the storm of mental and emotional turbulence. The choice is not an all or nothing. You will make mistakes. You will be weak, but it is in the small steps that the victory is won, in this race. Take some time and relax the mind. Know that we are with you.”






January 21, 2008




“It is our love for you that we give you limitations. We see the wonder that beholds your future. We know the joy that could be yours. At what price? The limitation of viewing that which is numbing to your mind and soul. It is only a short time that you will have upon the physical plane; use it wisely and the eternity of spirit will be yours. Once again, it is in the making of the law that the freedom will come. It is in the discipline to the law that the soul will soar. You fear the restrictions only because you fear total letting go and living fully. Your mind or ego has many defensive barriers, but it is all fear based. Choose to live; choose to be free and choose to see through the mists of fear. Let us guide you. Let us be the shining light in your deepest darkness and you will have eternal love as your companion. The darkness or fear is a challenge, the mind will fight, but if you can learn to shift the view of restriction to the view of devotion you will have an easier time in this transitory time.

It is our hope… it is our love that we share. It is our devotion that we serve. For what else is there but life, yes even beyond death, what else is there? Eternal life in the presence of love, light and All That Is; the Kingdom over flows with its abundance and that is what supplies the entirety of existence. The light that flows from All That Is, is the same that sustains all life, as you know it. And it awaits to receive you in its fullness … prepare to receive. Namaste.”






January 21, 2008


“The time has come for you to choose the fate of the building of your kingdom, your world, your life. In the past you were not a conscious player in the paths and course of your life; the opportunity would appear and then you would make a choice. But at this time you are where you can choose or create what comes to you. (‘Thank you for trusting the words and flow that come to you, trust is imperative; understanding and patience is our gift to you.’) You are at a creative point where there are choices in what comes to you. Soon you need to take the time and we need to be conscious of your choices and desires. I will layout the possibilities and you will need to create your own destiny. I understand your uncertainty and fear in being the designer of your own life. But you will be given the guidance of vision, to see the outcome of each path and the possibilities there in. This is another step in your development and another lesson in the deeper value of freedom. You are truly free. The choice is yours to create and with those choices of freedom come the responsibility of that choice. Do you truly desire freedom… it is yours.”

 “Have a good day and thank you for pushing through your doubt and trusting the conscious flow that comes to you. We will never abandon you, unless you totally turn from us and your heart does not stay open. You are free to choose!”






January 23, 2008




“The time is ripe, the fruit is ready and the server is preparing the harvest. Come to the tree and see the fruit and you will desire it above all else. Yes, come in mediation and I will show you the harvest. Beings everywhere are ready to partake, but it is the server that will decide the hour of the picking … prepare to receive, All That Is. The time of the harvest is at hand.

 You ask your limitations…the choice is yours, it is always yours. We are not here to hover over you to punish. We are here to show the way and the timing is up to you along with the ability to prepare yourself. The more you develop your focus and discipline the time will be ready for you to receive. For that is our desire for you to receive the fullness of All That Is. It is yours; it is awaiting you. Make the mental shift so you enjoy the journey of preparing. When you shift from limitations to desire you will see the journey in pleasure. And remember the limitations are only guidelines, for we always advocate moderation in most things. You know, you can sense what builds the energy and what limits the energy. That is our desire for you, to test and know so you are the one deciding without us restricting you. That will make the difference in your journey, because of your concerns for freedom. The key is the shift to desire and all else will come with ease.

For desire is the greeter at the door. When you focus on desire it will then become your passion, which is the desired intention of the heart. Desire with passion and the journey will be sweet.

So come to us in meditation, with this new time. Come to us that we might show you that which awaits your preparedness; that which a waits is desired above all else. Come and your journey will be ever changed.

We love you and only desire sweet and joyful things for you. It is our pleasure and joy to bring others to the joy that a waits … the gift of God, All That Is. Namaste.”

 The music just started playing from my alarm. I was awakened all night with sweetness. But I still had a good night of rest. I was just told that my rest will be deeper and my energy more clear. I can already feel a shift of the mental energy towards desire (the key from what they were just instructing me). I will plan to practice more mediation to develop my focus and desire, or more passion. I have been childish in viewing their guidelines as restrictions. I believe that my days of pouting are over … I hope! (Said with a smile)






January 28, 2008


Waking and hearing… “The time has come”

I will not be clear minded to write because of my staying up late.

“I will see to your clarity.” … I get the pen…


“The time has come for you to know the love of God; for He that has created all and has given life to all; the same God that has breathed life into your body and given the gift of the physical, to receive the lessons of this time. The time is at hand when everyone; man, woman and being must choose the course of their life upon the planet. For there is a great divide that is taking place, a sifting out in which some have even chosen to leave the planet. “

I am sorry that I was drifting into sleep…

“And look at the clarity that you have when you come back. You have wanted to avoid this writing. You have known of its timing, that is why you have even shut yourself down to us, you have been in fear. You have known what has been expected of you. You have known it from your birth; for it has been within your body, within your programming, that which you call DNA. All are given life lessons and opportunities at birth, actually in the creating of the embryo. It is within that creating, that resounds with the force of energy that creates the life flow and opportunities for your growth. Within the programming there are numerous opportunities that one is given to remain with the gift of freedom, or all would be walking dead with no ability to think and create of their own will. The physical plane is a creative plane. One in which, with every choice there is an attraction and with every thought a desire. The desire is what plants the seed and it within the continued desire that gives the seed nurturance until the time of fruition. Most times you are not even aware of this process. The germination and growth of the desire are unconscious and then you are surprised at the manifestation of what you desired in the beginning.”

“As I was saying, all have life choices, of life lessons, opportunities and responsibilities of their programming. You have followed this unfolding and have been unaware, until now. The time has come for you to understand and know the process of your life lessons. For, He, the Great Creator, has given this opportunity to you. And you are at a point in your growth and development to have the next level of freedom. Your fear is that you will loose your gift of choice, but it is in reality, that you are coming to another level of this gift. It is the level of self creation, the level of conscious choice in which your life will flow. You are in resistance to hear this because you do not want to choose, but desire the idea of drifting. You see the idea of having to choose as losing your ability to be free. Yes, it is the same pattern of thinking that plagues the thinking of countless others. For those who are the adventurers of the world, that love to roam in thought, mind and body. But there are times in every life where there are junctures in which one must choose or lose an opportunity, which they have desired into reality. And the choice has come for you.”

“The choice is given as a gift, but to the wanderer it is a burden, because of the mind set of fear, that in the choice is the loss of freedom. The truth is that freedom is never lost. And within one choice, there are other opportunities that exist and that is the character of this plane of creation. The time has come for you to choose the course of your creation, your gift, from the God that has gifted you this opportunity.”

“You are asking, what if your choice opposes that of the Creator.”

“And I say, how can there be a conflict if He is giving you a choice? It is in the desired effect that you must decide. You can continue to drift, but in that, you will change your course and another will appear. You are of the mindset that there is only one true course and if you miss it, all will be lost. There are many courses and many desired ideas and thoughts of creation. But what you are sensing is your life mission. There are two divisions in life, the concept of creation and the concept of purpose. One has the opportunity to create and choose. Then there is the purpose for the creation, where one comes into consciousness, and the sense of one’s own true identity and purpose. That is one’s life mission or excellence. When one sees their excellence, then one is given the opportunity to create that which is their gift, and give their offering back to All That Is. It is when one becomes conscious of their excellence; it is then that their true journey or next level of the creation begins.”

“You fear in the responsibility of living in excellence.”

“When you choose out of fear, you lose your perspective of what you are choosing. You must choose out of complete desire and not out of fear.”

How does one get complete desire?

“Complete desire comes out of the choice of excellence, when one is in alignment with the choice. When you are in alignment there is no fear, because it is then that you have a clear perspective. The fears that pull are the fears of lack and loss. There is wonder, excitement, and freedom within every alignment.”

“You wonder if you do not choose, you will disappoint God. Why would God give you a choice and then be disappointed? What feels like disappointment of God is actually disappointment of self, or you’re out of alignment to your mission or excellence. God knows your outcome, in which all are eventually headed toward, the return and union with All That Is. It is you’re out of alignment, with your excellence that allows the fears and feeling of disappointment weigh heavy on your mind. It is within that mind set that creates the fear. So it is in the choice of alignment with excellence that one then feels the fear of loss or disappointment. “

“If one does not choose the path of alignment with excellence, all is not lost. Life will continue, you will not die or be punished. You will sense sadness, but it is again only that mindset. See the opportunity within every choice as an alignment or re- alignment with excellence.”

“Another concept is the concept of the path of least resistance. It is when one is at a juncture that one then can align with more clarity, and the journey will be a more direct route to the desired effect, or to your mission or excellence. It is also at these junctures that one will have the pulls of fear, because of the choice. But again, if one does not choose the alignment of least resistance, because of fear, all is not lost. But, there will be a sadness of an opportunity lost. It is then that the re-alignment will take place and another growth journey, one in which you might be prepared to choose at the next juncture , not out of fear but out of true love and desire.”

“What appears to be a difficult choice is because of the magnitude of the alignment and the fear of loss and disappointment to the self. You can see, you are truly free to always choose. And in the journey will always be the same reward, it is in the journey that one desires.”

“You are at a juncture of least resistance and in alignment with your excellence. And you are given many gifts in your alignment. The alignment will allow you another freedom; each alignment offers another gift of freedom.”

“Yes, there is room for movement and what you term mistakes, with both paths. It is in the course of least resistance that you have a new set of alignments and the path of the physical has another. And you are only seeing the polarized view, (there are many other paths), that you have only focused upon the two. It is in your programming that you are at a juncture that causes a decision. “

 How can I not, choose the path of least resistance?

“It is not chosen every day, every minute, every moment because of the mind set of fear.”

 “The juncture is yours…the choice will set the new alignment, in which there is all the room to move, but the alignment will be changed. The choice is yours…”

 “Ponder the costs and the value of the paths to excellence.”






February 3, 2008


I’ve been told to write …


The most incredible experience happened last night; I awoke out of a two week sleep. I’ve been shut down for two weeks or maybe even longer. It seems like I have turned away from the spiritual, out of fear. At times I would be open and things would come through, but I haven’t been fully awake, as I was for a couple of months since my September opening. I have been consciously struggling since the writing about my being at a juncture of excellence. I have been in so much mental and emotional turmoil. And it looked as if I was choosing the path of the physical, of having a “normal” life of the pursuit of the physical world. A life in which I would just drift from desire to desire; even as I am writing I can feel a pull or desire for its ease and it is a path that is very much desirable to me. Last night after having immersed myself in the drifting of desire, from shopping for the physical to numbing myself with television; I was still left with the feelings of agitation and unease of the past several days and even feeling somewhat on the edge of depression. I have had the desire for the spiritual, but not wanting the commitment of the conscious choice. So I have danced and side stepped to avoid it and was feeling very frustrated because at the same time I very much missed the connection and desired it. My body has been quiet and without the chakra sensations, jolts of energy and body mudras, that connection that has been such an important part of my life since September and even longer.

Well, last night after watching television for several hours and feeling numb, I turned my head away from the screen and without thought the words, “Help me” escaped from my lips, this plea was directed to the Spiritual. And with that soft whisper came a couple of strong body kriya (which have been absent from my body). With the jolts of energy came a renewed desire and the voice of my recent past… “Write.”

I wrestled with the message, not wanting to get into a defensive struggle or chastisement. But the desire to be close persisted and I got up out of bed with a resolve, turned off the television and opened the doors to my alter. After lighting a candle and incense the faces on my alter came to into the light, as did my determination and renewed desire as I chose to sit and be with my friends once more. With sage and sweet grass lit I cleansed myself and wrapped my temple scarf around me. Reaching for my crystal and mala was like reaching out to old friends that I’d missed. Sitting and acknowledging each picture with a touch of endearment and drawing the blessing of the circle and cross on each one; saving the touch of Rajul for the last. Blessing and receiving as I touched each one until I came to Rajul’s picture. As I touched my finger to her picture I acknowledged her and asked a special blessing for her health and well being, since she has been struggling with her health. Rajul and I have been silent for a couple of weeks it seems like we both have individually been in our own struggles. Not that I haven’t wished and have sent her loving energy but have felt too guilty to approach the Heavens or her, thinking she might have disappointment in me. My usual mode of operating from my childhood and past, avoid and shut down.

Rajul, I ask your forgiveness for not being connected and supporting you more during your hour of need. My love never waned, but my strength to confront and tell you the truth of my weakness and burden you further during this difficult time for you. I now approach the Heavens to bless you (I am not so ego filled to think that my asking would make a difference) But I now feel forgiven and can let my energy flow freely and be a part of the flow to you. (It’s so interesting how guilt and lack of self worth can shut ones energy down.)

I am hearing, “Write.”….

“Welcome back, our beloved. The truth is that you never left us, but your mind separated you from us. We were always waiting patiently for your mind to release the thoughts of separation and to rejoin in the unification of who you are and your path. You needed time to experience your life without the direct connection. We just needed you to cry out for our help; for your desire to turn to us. And in so doing you have opened the channel or flow of energy. You still fear your ability to live up to our standards. It is still your life. And feel the connection and when it wanes, it will be your guide. Just be aware that some choices will take you down paths, which it is harder for your connection and the world of desire will step in and lead you. At those times you need most your connection to Spirit.

Remember the short journey you have just taken and remember and hold the memory of life asleep and of life connected. Keep close to your connection and you will not find yourself in that mental state again. Life connected to Spirit is your gift from a loving and forgiving God. You have felt last night and this morning His love and forgiveness that flows to them that return their hearts to Him. Stay close to your connection and you will continue to be blessed with His love and doors will open beyond your belief. You are still young in your trust of your connection. Be aware of whom you choose to share; share with those who will hold you in trust and value your experiences. In time you will trust to a point that the opinion of others will not cause you so much pain. Stay close to the light of connection and joy will flow to you and your world. You have been at this juncture; it has been waiting for your choice. And the Heavens rejoice at the movement to connection. The energy is resetting your course and the lessons and experiences of your new life path are being set. You will draw to you many experiences, building blocks of awareness that will continue to open you and teach you. For your progress will be achieved with these lessons, stay open and receive. The Heavens are full of joy to bring them to you. You are beloved among both planes and you will feel it, open and receive it. Take it fully into your heart and being and your countenance will shine bright and you will be able to carry and hold more light of love with you on your journey. With that continued increase will come the ability to share it with others. The gift of love is the greatest gift that one can give. For it is within love that all else flows; love holds all the other gifts. For love is truly the basis of all. Stay tuned to love; keep your heart open with love to others around you (even in their not understanding and fear). Stay tuned to the love of God and connection with the spirit plane and those will not bother you as much and you will be able to see their pain instead of making it yours. Trust in your connection. It is a true connection and not what others might label as a psychosis or evil misleading you. How can God mislead you? It is only their fear of their own connection and inability to let go of their own desires of the physical plane.

 Be forgiving with yourself. Allow yourself “mistakes” in your connection. It is in your desire for perfection that can often disconnect or interfere with your continued connection. Remember that we are constant. We will always be waiting to send you the help that you nee:; ask, stay open and receive.

 Blessed is this day. For it is an anniversary day of two great souls being received back to from which they departed, your mother blesses you and receives your love. Blessed is this day.”






February 6, 2008


I was just woken up…

“Write … light some incense, breathe and clear your mind and write.”


“You are running from us in fear and guilt. Fear that you cannot live up to our expectations of you and self imposed guilt. The over-eating, the shutting down and avoidance are all symptoms of these emotions. We love and support you. We know that this will be a process for you. You think that we sit in judgment and reject the physical world. It is how the physical world is used that determines one’s connection. When you use the physical as a destructive force that is when it is not useful or beneficial to ones growth and progress. The television is not forbidden nor other aspects of the physical world; it is how they are used. You run from us as in the story of Adam and Eve, “in shame” of their awareness of relationship of self and God. You also run and hide from God, so you think. We know your heart; we know your love.

You ask, how can you return to where you were in your connection with the Heavens?

As simple as a thought… forgiveness, self-forgiveness. You are extreme in your expectations of self and when you do not live up to them you beat yourself into unworthiness and simply give up. This has been a birth pattern; you are now in a birth pattern. One in which you have struggled and due to your work with our beloved Elizabeth your awareness and understanding of these things will help you move through your process, with more ease.

Awaken to your awareness. Wake from your slumber state and open your heart. Love is the answer; love yourself in your weakness or vulnerable state.

Feel the hand of God upon you. Know that you are loved and that will be your salvation from the self-imprisonment. You have cast yourself from your own garden. Come and partake of the sweetness of connection. Come back into the garden, wander in the beauty of its paths, and hear the sounds of Heaven. See the joy of light; let your heart be light and free of burden. Let yourself feel the love of God. Breathe into that which has been your gift; feel and partake of the orange stone of desire placed in your heart and the clear stone placed in your third eye, for clarity. Open your mind, your soul and your heart. This is the missing piece that Dr.West referred to. We love him also; tell him of our love for him and his work. For you have been brought together, for you both are brothers in the light of love and are to help open and support each other in your pursuit of your paths to excellence. You both are on your paths and the door is open to you both. Tell him of our love; for there is nothing greater than the love of God, of All That Is. Breathe into the joy and let it fill your soul and open your heart and free yourselves of the burdens of the world. Accept the love and know that you are worthy of it. For what is not worthy of it’s self? It is who you are, your nature. Open yourself and feel the joy. You are loved … you are love! Namaste.”






February 9, 2008


Awakened before my alarm and hear the prompting to write…


“We are looking forward to the time of the new order in which all things will be made whole. The time is in the distant future when the Christ will reign and the earth will receive her glory. When every man, woman and being will kneel and receive his or her glory from He That Is. The gifts will flow forth in abundance; there will be no need or lack; when all will be given the workings of the Universe and beings from other worlds will be made manifest. The union of knowledge of the physical and heart will meld as one and the soul will rejoice with the unification of both worlds. The Earth will be made whole and know no pain. During this time the hearts of all will receive the joy that awaits in knowing and receiving All That Is.

You ask for what purpose?

 The soul will know it’s worth and the Creator will flow with the gifts for all to receive, that the next phase of life will begin. It will be the evolution of the creation into the unification of knowledge and light. When all will receive the wisdom of creation and the workings of the Universe; that the wholeness of life will be unified and the creation will step into a new phase of existence in love and knowledge of All That Is. The evolutions are boundless and the unification of the creations eternal.

 To what end is this knowledge given to you?

 So you can know that you are in the beginning phase of that unification of heart and knowledge. You are receiving the gifts and beginning to open to the wholeness of life. Receive into your heart that the world can carry more light and love that the process will be made known for the whole. As more hold the light and love then more will move toward the wholeness and the momentum will heal the whole. It may seem like an impossible task when you hear of the suffering of the world and peoples everywhere. But carry the light of love and you will be surprised at what will take place.

The process has begun toward the unification of mind and soul with heart. Open to your truth and receive the gifts that are yours, the unification has begun.”






February 10, 2008


Awakened and told to breathe… I give a small protest, that I need my rest for the busy valentine week ahead.

“Oh ‘W’, we will give you the breath, life and endurance.”

 I breathe and I clear my mind and write…


“The time is at hand to know and accept the love of God. For His hand is out-stretched to you. The opportunity that is in front of you was that of your creation, your desire. You set forth the alignment years ago. It is an alignment of a dream. You ask if it is of God? Yes. You ask if it is God’s will? It is a choice that God will support. And God is offering you another choice of alignment. One choice is that of the physical manifestation and the other choice is one of alignment to excellence. This is the juncture made physical. God loves you and you have the rare opportunity to have such a gift. Either is of God; this is not a test but truly an offering to you. You will be blessed with either choice.”

Can I have both?

“You can choose the physical plane alignment and be blessed and be able to have a life connected. And the alignment to excellence requires more of a focus and discipline. So the answer is no. One must choose between the offerings. Again this is not a test.”

 How can I not choose the alignment of excellence? I would miss too greatly the gifts of spirit that I have experienced thus far.

 “You have only been given and shown a small portion of your inheritance, of the path of excellence. You have been shown and the love of God is before you. The choice is yours and the blessings will flow in either choice. Blessed is he that is given such a choice, to choose in consciousness. Truly a great and beautiful juncture, you asked about the path of the physical if it was from God and if you were to walk its path… well, the answer is made clear. Both have blessings and challenges.

 A juncture of beauty, a gift of God. The choice is yours… Namaste.”

 “You will have your endurance for this day.”





February 12, 2008


“The hour is approaching for you to be ready to heed the promptings of spirit, to heal yourself. Your body is in need and will not respond to the traditional therapy. You will need to follow the promptings of the healer within. Fear not, you will be given instruction that you will be able to understand and will need to follow to have optimum health. The time is here to receive and do. Fear not and trust that which is given. Blessings to you this day.”






February 17, 2008


“Write”, breathing to clear the sleep…


“The time is here for you to focus on your body and health. We acknowledge you for heeding the instruction of water. The water will serve you two fold. One it will serve as a focus and discipline to your daily practice and the other is that it will serve as a method for you to partake of healing focus and energies. If physical follows thought or mental then the focus will help create your alignment. Your body has served you well and the time is now here to serve it. For the neglect and abuse will manifest if there is not a counter action to circumvent the course of manifestation or creation. You were guided to the book that you pulled from the shelf yesterday. Take time to read and you will find several chapters that will stand out to you. Heed the writings and start to slowly incorporate them into your life. It is important that you change the chemistry of your body. Work on becoming more alkaline, as you have been receiving this message from many sources in the past year. The time has come to move into action and give your body the maintenance that it needs to continue to serve you. Remember that thought and focus are the beginning of any foundation and the alignment will follow. We will feed information to you through many sources; for your trust level has not developed enough to feed it to you directly. You would have a harder time to wrap your mind around the words and concepts.

Remember that your body chemistry is your focus, changing that will create a change and the body will respond. Do not fear, the information will flow to you in a manner that you will recognize and then you will need to make the adjustments to your daily life to incorporate the information.

Blessings to you as you begin this new focus. Namaste.”





February 21, 2008


DaDa woke me before my alarm with a soft yet alert waking with the word … “Write.”


“My son the things that are given to you are only to edify you and to let you know of our love and devotion to you, your purpose and potential. To build you and develop your trust and connection to us. What has been given is true, but perhaps it was given a little too soon for your development. You are ready to know the course of your life so you can prepare to receive, open and trust. The future is yours; it holds as much or as little as you allow. This is your life and your design, even though we can see your alignment and course; you determine the outcome. You have already chosen the path of Spirit, the path of excellence. (Said with a smile, Even though you still want not to commit and desire to drift.) And the alignment has shifted and is set. Your attraction is bringing, that which is of your course or path. That is why your health and well being is the next step, so that your mind and body will serve you in its optimum state. It is not only for your health, but also for your ability to attune with higher energy and alignment. We will bless you to learn, understand and to overcome your fears and concerns. This is a time of refinement and attuning to higher, finer and more subtle energies.

 Bless all you focus, bless all you partake. Bless all that comes into your space, because with all that comes is also your participation and you partake. Filter out that which will not serve you and hold you in your higher good. So that this refining might be generated into your reality. We have slowly been preparing you and as you view your past, yes, you can see our hand and workings in the subtleness, which is ours. But your time to awaken is here and the time of conscious creation. Blessings to you this day, my son.”






February 22, 2008


I just read Rajul’s e-mail about her illness and discomfort, my concern and love took me to my altar to pray for her. I lit a candle and incense to burn for her and asked DaDa to bless her. My immediate response was “That I was too attached to the outcome”, then I was told to write and he would explain.

My pen in hand…


“My dear son, as I was saying, you are too attached to the outcome. The ego is wanting only what it can see and not as the eye of God. The process is the path, and the pain the door to another dimension (level of awareness). The pain is a teacher if one is open to the lesson. Her illness is multi- leveled. It is part karma and the pain is the releasing of the energies that bind her. Tell her to welcome the pain, embrace it and vibrate through it. The pain is her teacher, become one with it instead of fighting it. See the pain as burning off the karmic debt and releasing the soul to freedom.

You, Rajul, are at a crossroads or juncture. Either surgery or riding out the healing through traditional ways. The choice is yours; there is no wrong choice. The way of the surgery will be the quicker route and the traditional way will keep your body whole, but will take more time and focus. My daughter, you are loved and blessed by so many on all planes and dimensions of existence. We all bless you and honor you.

 The holy that you seek is within you, you carry it in your heart and soul. Find what you seek in your inner temples and you will find God. Yes, you have the strength to follow the path to Him within, step upon step will I lead you. Hear me, see me … for my hand is extended to you and the blessings of the universe are yours. Take my hand and I will sure you up and lead you within to, the holiest temple of all. You will find the peace of mind and body that you seek. Open your mind and see me. The truth is not external, but within. Step by step we will journey within. The journey will lead you through demons or fears, but the outcome will be that of tremendous beauty, God. The journey is not based on your health or your choice, but your desire for me and the Supreme Divine. I await with my hand extended. Blessings to you and my son, guru prem.

 And Swami (said with a smile), you have my hand and I am leading you to those that will see your light. Continue to receive that which is before you. Let the light be seen; you are ready. You need no more to prepare you carry it within you. Also seek the wisdom that you desire within your own self; for your true master resides within and will give you the words.

Blessings to you all, the Divine love shines upon you as the sun.”                                      

 (Vishu keeps repeating in my head for what meaning or reason I know not, I don’t even know the word)






February 24, 2008


“The freedom to choose one’s course is in the hands and choices of the one. We will never carouse you into doing our will. You feel some guilt when you watch television. We would love to have your full attention, but we will let you have choice and move at your own pace. The television is a distraction, but perhaps you need it at this time to slow the flow to adapt to that which is before you. Release the guilt; it only interferes with the flow. Blessings this day.”






February 29, 2008


“Write.” … I need to clear the sleep from my mind… “I will help you.”


“Your distractions will undermine your work and your focus. Remember that our love is with you, but the course that you have chosen is one out of the everyday life. The course of excellence is a life of focus. Allow yourself some time to acclimate, but you must dedicate your intentions to the will of All That Is. You are having doubts if you have the strength and fortitude to continue on this path. Today as you are, you do not. But if you take step upon step and day upon day, in time you will have the strength and focus that you cannot even dream; you will be given things the mind knows not. But the choice is always yours, continue with your distractions and a new alignment will be set. You see, you always have choice and your choices set your alignment. That is why I have come to caution you, because of your recent choices. No guilt will benefit you. So we recommend that you just hear our caution and if you so choose, simply adjust and align.

 Your prayers are heard and your words to Rajul are beautiful. Yes, you cannot see or understand the course from your perspective. We are all caring for and watching her course. She will not suffer long and her course will bring her back to health. It was wise for this short course of suffering to relieve her from another alignment. For her new focus will change that which she was headed. (This is a multi-layered thought form, with the statement is that she will need to be mindful of her course and her body with nutrition and care). Our hand is with her and His is upon her. We hear and accept all the prayers of all that love her. And yes the Heavens are not silent but are working without word, quietly doing that which is for her well-being. Patience is required as the new alignment is brought into place. Even by us there are natural laws that must be observed and obeyed. Miracles can and do happen, but this course is a sure course without the instant gratification and the alignment is more lasting, you might say.

Blessings to you our, guru prem.” 






March 4, 2008


Prompted to write…


“We are pleased with your choices. As you continue you will find your desire to live a life of focus easier and more fulfilling than the life of numbing yourself. The gifts of the spirit are received when one is connected and in tune. The more you continue the more refined the gifts will become. Your mind questions the afterlife and the process with the passing of your Uncle. The afterlife holds different experiences for different beings. Your Uncle has experienced the gathering, where he is able to associate with those of his past and feel the love and acceptance. It is a necessary step in one’s acclimating to the experience of leaving the physical. There is a time of adjustment, which is very individual. As your father expressed, the one that has journeyed is compelled to stay with the body and to see to its rest and has concern for those left behind. Once this process is complete the new arrival then tends to fluctuate with their focus between their old life and their new life. It is an individual process that varies from soul to soul. Know that he is loved and cared for by those that have served him and loved him.

Wes, this life is short for you and all that you are aligned to accomplish. The future will hold much joy. Once you are past this time of transition of choice and alignment. The future will hold many wonders, as you continue to learn to focus and dedicate your life to All That Is, even God. Remember, he who is blessed with the gifts is also blessed with the care and responsibility of that given. That which is given will require you to be strong and stand by that gift. Share it with discernment, and as you do you will find the strength to share it with confidence that will bear witness to that which is given.

 Your desire to not have focus will slowly change and you will find your strength. Your desire to not have attention will help to keep your ego in check. The more you learn to focus and refine your gift, the more you will be in attunement to that gift. And find less misinterpretation of that which is given. Clarity will flow and ease and comfort will become yours.

Know once more that we love you, serve you and are pleased with you. Go forth and enjoy that which is given, peace to you.”

 Shower mediation:   “The will of God is found in the focused mind.”






March 5, 2008


(March 6th in India, Swami’s birthday)


As I sit at my alter with a candle lit and incense burning for my beloved Swamiji, I hear “Write” as I bless each photo. I hear “Write” as I press my thumb to our beloved’s forehead and I hear again his word, “Write”.

“Blessed is this day for it is a holy day, a day of celebration. A day to give thanks for my beloved son was born into the world and the now man is full of light and love. He carries God to the souls that hunger, not only in the physical but he feeds the souls of mankind.

Blessed is he who is born this holy day, even my beloved. All of life is in celebration, but it is I that celebrate you, my son. You have received the holy hand of God who has led you to your cup. He who drinks from the holy cup of God is blessed with the knowledge of the Eternal and love flows forth. Blessed is my son for he is the beloved blessing of this holy day. The Heavens open the doors and the light shines forth on you. The Divine is smiling upon you as you receive your gift this holy day, the gift of eternal wisdom. The light of the Divine will light your mind and you will know of His love. My blessings as you celebrate this holy day, your birth.”

In bow with hands in praise in love and honor for you and this holy day, Swamiji.






March 9, 2008


The end of the day and just crawled into clean sheets that feel wonderful and crisp, I then hear, “Write”… and again…


“The will of God is known when the heart is pure; the pure heart sees and hears that which is known in the Heavens, only when it is permitted…

(Interference in my mind, a lot of unrelated thoughts being garbled; Hmmm, I guess today it’s not permitted.)






March 11, 2008


(A writing for Collin)



“Collin, is in the hands of God and is about to experience the transformation of his life process. The will of the consciousness will be given the opportunity to choose an alignment of self-growth and internal discovery. The opportunity will come to him and when it does he will know with a surety of his path. The path is near and is awaiting him.

That which he terms as a “block” is only the self that is afraid or not totally committed to his path or process. He will soon break through that which he feels is keeping him from direct communication with the Divine. The thing he must remember is to continue to practice moving his energy from chakra to chakra, experiencing each energy and the way it feels in his experience; his mind as well as his body. To feel it, know it, see it; feel the subtle energy from one center to the next.

 Not to worry. Not to fear. The will of God is upon you and the will is manifest within you. The blessings of the Father will be yours and the love of the Mother will caress his soul. For you are chosen to do a great work among the peoples of the Earth. The will of the Father is within you. And you will soon be able to hear, know, and understand where you will be moved/ propelled to receive your next endowment. Peace and love to you my son.”






March 20, 2008

(spring equinox)


Rajul, encouraged me to mediate because of it being very powerful on the day. I just came from my altar after mediating and heard the word. “Write.”

“I am he who was chosen to guide and teach you in this next journey…”


(Written several days later)

I shut down in this writing and could not continue because it sounded too grandiose, as I did with the following writing on March 21. In fact it shut me down for several days. There is so much concern within me that an unconscious part of me is creating this writing.






March 21, 2008


“Write.” (hearing that new voice)


“I am the same, even he who was born as the star sign shone bright in the eastern sky. The same who bore witness of the Life of Man; I am he of the past, who has come to testify of the Divine, who came after me. I am the preparer. The same that was told to go into the wild and prepare the people for what was to come; the Lamb was to lay down His life for the world and take it up again. Even He who has been named, Christ …”

 I shut down … this was far too BIG and my mind interfered with doubt and I could not believe this flow that was coming through to me.






March 28, 2008


Waking up early before my alarm and hearing, “Write.”


“Once more it is time for you to know of our love for you. You have been in a state of mental distress over your fear and ability to accept and trust, that which has been given to you. We know that the truth as it is given is somewhat overwhelming and grandiose for the … Breathe and clear your mind and concerns …

You still carry the fear of the creative mind being the creator of these writings. You need to know that the hand of God is upon you and that you are blessed with this gift to receive and to know. We understand the process of opening and are patient with your distractions of thought and mind. For the mind is the tool in which you use to bring through these writings and it is the muscle that is being exercised at this time. We are giving you a little at a time to build your strength and trust. It is normal to question the reality and nature of these things and our love for you will show our devotion to serving this purpose. We are here to build you and to let you know of the Divine love that you have and are being given for your purpose. We know that this is a trying time for you; that the limits and boundaries of your mind are being stretched. For the view of the physical is compared to a one dimensional view, when from the spirit perspective there are so, so many dimensions and views.”

 (Elizabeth’s voice) “Wes, you will be amazed and love this plane of existence. It will not only challenge your mind, but will feed your ability to create. I love it here; for this is truly who we are. The spirit realm or non-physical is so natural to who we are. I love you; we love you and are here to bless you with the love of All That Is, yes even God. For He has a purpose for which you cannot even behold; but not to be alarmed or overwhelmed with this thought. Trust is your focus … learn to accept without judgment. Yes, we know of your concerns of mental creativity. Why do you think that you were chosen for this task? It is because of that ability to open the mind and conceive of things beyond the physical realm of which only the eye can see. And because of your open heart in which gives us a genuineness that allows your soul to feel us. You are so endearing in your struggle and that is why we are so patient and because we are filled with the love of God which flows through us to you. Let your mind be free and let your heart soar without the confines of guilt. Let your soul fly and come to me. Meet me on these planes and we will show you that which you fear… creative worlds of thought! Wes, know that the restrictions of the mind are of the physical and that the freedom of thought is vast and endless. You will be so yourself on these planes. The world of form is a beautiful world, but very limiting, as it was intended and designed. These realms are multi-layered and so rich in experience. Do not morn for me, for I truly am in Heaven. The boundless love flows through me and I/we bring it to you. Receive that which is yours, the love of God.”

 (Male voice) “We will serve you to the end, for that is our mission and purpose, for you are dear to each of us that have chosen this course. The time has come for you to rest and believe. Set aside your guardant mind and know and trust, for this is but a step in the process of your work. Trust in yourself, trust in your abilities and trust in the realms that are here to serve and support you. You will have fluctuations in the mental and emotional states, but know this is very normal. The guilt, which you carry, is not needed, release it for it does not serve you.

(Smiling) For as your Mother would say,” Yes, it is your speed bump.”

 (Mom’s voice) “Wes, love yourself as we love you. You are loved and we are watching over you. I will always love you and am so pleased to be called,’Mother’. Thank you for all your focused love and devotion. Now you know of the same feelings that are for you.”

 (Another voice) “Peace be yours; know and feel the radiant manifestations of God.”






April 3, 2008




“The universal energy that flows to you is a gift. The gift of life that flows through you and blesses your life and the lives you touch. You could feel it tonight amongst the contacts and friends from your past. When the goodness of light flows and is taken into the heart it is magnified through you to others. The goodness is not just from you, but it is that universal energy that is the Light of God, the gift of life. Give thanks to the Father that gifted you with life, even the Eternal. Peace this night and know that you are loved.”






April 4, 2008


Told to write…


Just came from my altar where the mudras and kriyas were the strongest and most rhythmic than they have been for months. As I was in the energy flow my head went into a bow of praise, for the Christ energy came upon me. As I had my head in a bow of praise I heard Him, in my mind say to raise my head out of the downward praise position and as I did I looked directly into His eyes, where my gaze was held. As my eyes partook of The Christ, I was filled with such a peace and love, very soft, very quiet, very still. Not filled with the clearing energy of the mudras and kriyas, but with very soft and gentle energy.

All I can say is ‘Thank you’.

“The voice of the Lord is but a whisper. The soul can hear the whisper of the Master when all is clean and pure. The energy of purity precedes the Master to prepare the way for His touch. The touch of the Master is upon you and His eyes have gazed and seen the soul that has bowed to His will. Let your soul rejoice in the Lord! The Lord is pleased and comes unto you with His love and touch. Let His gaze be your guide and let His touch be your companion. Know that He is with you and has chosen you to carry forth that which is His will. Blessings to you this day.”

 (A soft touch and light kiss to my third eye.)

Incredible!! What a process! I had such a strong desire when I entered my bedroom and without a thought went to my alter and knelt, lit incense and blessed those upon my alter. The energy came with such strength. It seemed to create the body mudras with precision and order. As the observer, I watched my body move and jolt with such skill and purpose. The hand and body mudras seemed to produce and release energy within me and the energy flowed through me. There were new movements and jesters that seemed to clear and purge my energy. And then the Blue Flame of the Lord, that instantly made my body go into praise. My head instinctively bowed and I felt His hand upon my head and a whisper to lift my head. And again, to lift my head and as I finally did I saw His kind face and looked into His soft gaze. Looked into an eternity and a soft, soft peace filled my soul and I was embraced in His gaze.

Words are trite and the experience so powerful and yet so soft and subtle; my soul is filled with softness … just a gentle, quiet peace. Thank you!






April 8, 2008


Just laid down to read and heard, “Write” came into my mind and I questioned it, thinking that I might be conditioning myself to hear it. I said to myself that I’d be willing if I only knew. With that a jolt went through my body.

So here I am with pen in hand….


The pleasure of our time is with those that value the time we share. We enjoy you, love you and see the benefit of the process.”

 (Not clear some mental confusion and not flowing through me …. Rest is needed)






April 13, 2008 (Sunday)


I’ve been avoiding the spiritual. Not altogether but have been sidestepping the writings and not very focused at my alter.

As I was waking I grabbed my temple scarf, pulled it to me and breathed into it saying, “Help me with my desire” and then drifted back to sleep.

I just awoke and asked again, “ Help me.” Breathing into it and holding my scarf to me, I heard, “ We have been waiting … write.”

“We have been waiting for your heart and desire to turn to us and we have been patient as you have been focused elsewhere in your life. But you have still been connected in your e-mails and readings. Your heart has still been focused on the things of spirit. How can it not, when the hand of God is upon you? You have been in fear. That is why you have been unfocused in your desire for direct communication. You continually fear the connection: ‘ Will it be there? Will it be of my own creation? What will they ask of me? Will I be able to do what they want of me? I don’t have it in me to be so disciplined. I want and desire other things. I want to be free; I don’t want to be bound. I am scared.’

Yes, we can hear and know the silent whisperings within your mind. You have not spoken these things to us, but we know and understand you. Perhaps, more than you know yourself. We see your potential; we see from where you came, where you are now and see the wonder and awe that is awaiting. We know and understand your fears and concerns, and say unto you…

The time has come to put aside the boyish fears of life and to hold to the strength that you are. The child whispers these fears that are rooted in your past. But you are not that child. You are far more than the dealings of this life. Focus your mind to the core of energy that is within you and connect that core to that which flows about you and find your strength. Hold to the rod of knowledge and be who you are. And in so doing the child within that fears will have a comfort of knowing the strength that will protect and he can release and become one.

We love you and will always be with you even when you fear and become unfocused in your desire. And as we have said, your desire and connection was still with us in your readings. The book that we have guided you to is a book that is needed, that is why you have such a desire to read it. Follow it and the heeding will be for the positive and for your new alignment.

Find your core of energy and there you will find your strength to endure that which might seem overwhelming or impossible. Do not fear your path. See it as an adventure of delight and the Divine will bless you to all that you are. Remember and know.”






April 19, 2008 (4:45 am)


I was awakened early and told to write …


“The will of God is not to be confused with the choices of mankind. When the will is given, the laws must be obeyed. All bow to the laws and will of He who has created all; He who breathes the life into all that is. The will of the Creator is given for the purpose of the whole. Remember to ask with love, in gratitude and always relenting to the view of the Supreme, for there are many views and many paths for one course or one life. He who is destined for one path must allow the will to unfold; but the course has the option of change when the Supreme has spoken or granted the will of manifest.

Remember to love, to bless and to bow to the will of He that knows all things, that is all things and will be the Creator of all things to come.

When something is spoken in love, even the Supreme will hear the whisper of the faint. Love is the devotion and love is the predicator. Peace be unto your soul, mind and heart. Namaste “




April 20, 2008


Sitting at the computer again and writing Swamiji about my request for his blessing to organize a day dedicated to the love and blessing of Rajul (Because of her illness). With the combination of my love for Rajul, rereading the April 19th writing about “the will of God” and opening my heart. It opened a floodgate of love that even now still flows through me. I felt a prompting to reach out to Melissa and I could hardly get the words out to her voice mail. I hung up and wept. Being filled with a love and compassion, gifted from the Heavens. I am so full and in awe at the great magnitude of love that the Heavens have for us. I wept as in the throws of pain, but there was no pain but the fullness of love, gratitude, joy, a compassion for the well being of all. An awe of the mercy and patience that is married with love for us. It was in the weeping that my body experienced with tremendous energy, full body mudras. As the observer, watching the gestures and movements, and then finally hands pressed in the praise position over my head.

The Heavens opened and I was blessed with the presence of angels; beings of light that administered to me and gifted me as my body received the purity of energy. And then the sweetest of love; with head bowed and hands in praise over my head. I heard, “For your heart is blessed to feel with such depth, the love and compassion of God.” I wept … all faded away and I was told to write.

As I write the tears still flow with a fullness that holds all the virtues of love. I do not write these things in boast or ego, but to share with whomever these writings are meant for (besides me). To share, that the Heavens are open! The love flows to even I, one who is not worthy by other’s standards. But They come in love. Open your heart and feel the Heavens that abound.

My soul is lifted and I am a living testimony to the love of the Heavens that flows generously with mercy. For I know that Christ lives! I am filled with a desire to discipline myself, even more so, to the will of the Divine.

I started this process this morning in hope for a miracle for Rajul, but it is I that received the miracle.

In love and gratitude, I praise this day.




April 22, 2008


I woke to the words,” Blessed is this day.” No writings are coming through to me; just this simple phrase. Thank you!






April 25, 2008


I woke at 5:12 am (before my alarm) to the words, “Go forth and reap that which you have sown. You will be blessed with the energy that you will need.”  

Thank you!   (I have been working long and late hours of days with little rest.)






May 2, 2008


“We have given you the opportunity to digest all that you have been given. You have stayed busy and have needed this time to acclimate and adjust to your many endeavors. Yes, the idea to acquire Elizabeth’s home is and would be a choice and in that endeavor you would be blessed. It is all in your desires and how you choose to express them.

Yes, the path is one of restriction, but there is enough room to move and choose your expression. The idea of a spiritual center is a noble one and you would have obstacles, but you would and will be blessed.”

 Is this my path; one intended for Swamiji and me?

“What you will and are learning is that there is no one course or path for one to walk, but there are many options or opportunities to express one’s self. Yes, you would be blessed and you would create many junctures for yourself and others, a noble desire.

Blessed are you! Adjust and then settle back into your routine or practice. Be mindful of your desires and always move and adjust to the alignment of connection. Blessed is this day. Nameste.”




May 3, 2008


Being awakened and told to write…


The voice of the Lord God has spoken and the will must be heeded. There is concern for the course of your body and the manifestation of that course. You must use your will and your choices to change that which is on the present course. The body must be served, for the time is short to change that which is on the current course of manifestation. Use this window of opportunity wisely. The love of God is upon you and therefore you receive these words of caution. Cleanse and flush the toxins and incorporate your new eating and body maintenance. Serve the body at this time and it will continue to serve you well. The Love has spoken these words of caution Peace be with you this day. Your energy has been blessed to sustain you in your work. Blessings.”

I just laid back and breathed into the energy in my body. I went through a guided process mudras and breath connection; being directed to breathe into and through a dense area of energy. Again, being instructed into a breathing style, a reverse of breath, pulling the energy out of my body with the intake of breath and pulling energy into my body with the release breath. Logically it seems reversed from a normal breath pattern but as I did the process felt very natural. The thick or dense energy was hard to stay focused in; I wanted to drift into sleep and unconsciousness. I was coached to stay with the energy and to breathe through it. I am being instructed at this time as I write, with a sensation of tingling in my crown chakra and upper head, being instructed to continue this process and to move the energy that has and is being manifested in my body (part of the healing or change of course that was spoken of earlier). Prompted and reminded, “Time to act is of the importance,”

Peace and feeling gratitude, Thank you.

I am being given a turquoise blue stone that is being placed (even as I write) in my crown chakra. Tingling and sensations are awakened. Sensing that the stone is to pull the Heavenly energy into it, which will manifest through my bodies on all planes.

“Remember to breathe into this stone of healing and it will balance your entire bodies and the connection will be made manifest.”

As I just breathed into the stone I took note that it is a stone of larger size and is shaped in a classical diamond shape, with many, many facets. The brilliant turquoise blue, aqua color is so beautiful!

Thank you for this gift of the Heavens. Thank you for your love and patience; and for your mercy and devotion to one even as I. Thank you!

“Your gratitude will be shown to us as you partake of this gift. Nameste.”






May 12, 2008


Waking… “Write.”… pulling my temple scarf to me and breathing into it,

but I don’t seem clear. “We will make you clear.”


“The time is near when you will need to choose the course of your actions regarding the house of Elizabeth. Know that we will bless you in this endeavor; that the monies will flow to you and the course of service will be opened up, as the Lotus. It will be a physical labor of devotion to spirit and therefore will be blessed in the manifestation of its purpose of love and healing. The paths will open and the way will be made known to you. Yes, it is a commitment; larger than you are use to, but you have slowly grown into this and are blessed with the hand of God upon you. Hold to your truth and connection; know that we are near and be not afraid. Use your tools to give you peace of mind and know the will of God cannot be diverted once embraced. The fire of love will burn, as the courage of destruction, to clear the way for His will. Let the will of man know the desire of love and the fire will be sent forth to clear the objections of those that stand in the way of His love, His will and His mercy. The love of God is waiting to be received into the hearts of man to transform their pain into joy. Let them come to partake of the fire of love.


“The will is known and has been spoken, so go forth and know.”






May 13, 2008


Waking to the words running through my mind…


“The time has come for all good peoples everywhere to choose the course of their lives; the purpose and direction. So that the will of God can be manifest and the hand of the Lord can be made known. The will of God is that peoples will choose their course that His hand might mark their hearts and that they know His name and His will. The will, will not suffer the determined mind of man. The mind of man cannot see nor hear that which is to come. Suffer not the will of man, but be in connection and the will of God, will be known to you and His hand will be upon you to bless you. The purposes of man and God differ and are not known. Stay connected and follow the will of He who has blessed you with life. The course is set and the will known, for he that is with the hand of God.

You ask about the freedom to choose?

 One always has the freedom of choice, but once one has chosen to follow the path of spirit, the will of God, why would one not choose the course of One who can see and know all? What foolish adventure of mind or body would be so great to not follow a design that would be set by One who is offering all? Even the logic of man can see the wisdom of this. Stay connected, follow your heart and His will, will be made manifest; for the joy and love to be gifted to mankind. Namaste.”






May18, 2008


Sitting at the computer and hearing, “write”…


“The time is now to make the changes in diet and self nurturance. The opportunity for change is still at hand, but the window of opportunity is closing quickly. Heed that which you know. It does not have to be perfect, but the implementation must begin and the body will respond. It desires the love that is needed. Heed not that which is of ease, but that which will build your future.

Today was a misfortune; not all is of Divine nature. Some of life is just circumstance that is often credited to the Divine. The law of focused attention or manifestation will help there is so much to keep the mind occupied. Give your focus to what you are doing and circumstances like today will be avoided. Yes, I was with you and will bless you with the forthcoming of my beloved (Swamiji). Many other doors will be open to both, you and him. Bless you and your efforts. Nameste.”


(In preparing for the arrival of Swamiji I was out delivering flyers and booking some appointments for his classes, when I was looking at one of his flyers and hit the back of a utility truck…ugggghhh.)






May 25, 2008


“You are in the linage of the Christ, whom is even named Jesus. Mankind has the limited view and workings of the Heavens. Let it be known that the Christ will reign, even as it has been spoken, The Creator of All That Is. All are with Him and all are for Him. The pure love is He. For you are a child of His creation and a devotee to Him, that has touched and blessed you; be not ashamed of taking of His name and blessing. Share that which has been given and know. All will be made known and then the understanding of mankind will bow to the fullness of He that we speak. Offer up your heart that He has marked and the Heavens will be open to you.”




May 25, 2008 (later in the day)


“What greater work than that of offering the soul to All That Is? What greater love is shared in Heaven and Earth when one offers the self for the whole? There is none other than the pure love of He that hath created All That Is and is the Eternal. Life is the place to practice that which the Heavens have blessed into reality /physicalness. Offer yourself to this holy purpose and watch the Heavens open with the grace and abundance of All That Is; yes, even the Divine Eternal, the Lord of All Creation. Open your mind, dedicate your heart and prepare for the flow of the Heavens. Grace is upon you, as the Hand of God has touched you.”


(I am filled with such awe and love. I was in a rush to get things done, always feeling under pressure because there never seems to be enough time. I had put on some devotional music and as I listened I was drawn into the energy, with the desire to worship and give devotion. The energy and mudras played my body and emotions, as I was filled with the connection of the Heavens and focused energy and blessings to those in need. With so doing came complete devotion to the Heavens as I offered myself, and thus the writing…


A complete quietness fills me with stillness, my eyes still wet with the tears of worship and surrender. My third eye and crown chakras are awake, with my heart full… a blessed day.” What greater work?”






May 30, 2008


Shower meditation…


“Devotion is the complete love and dedication to a purpose/cause or being, with a singleness to God.

 The devotion to the Heaven’s is paramount to the continuation and balance of life. It is the devotion of mankind that the Heavens seek to bring about the unification. All will come into balance and all will be made known of the glory that awaits.”






June 1, 2008


Waking and feeling groggy…”Write.” Write, I question, as if it is my mind speaking. I hear again,” Write”. I ask if it will be clear and I hear, “We are here.”

With pen in hand and a couple of deep breaths…


“We are here and will always be, to show you the love and mercy of God. We have been silent because of your need to assimilate all that you have been given and working on in your life. We appreciate your willingness to hear us and when we speak, your willingness to heed our counsel. Your health will be delivered with your new way of nurturing your body with food. Write of yesterday’s lesson of devotion. Yes, the body has served the spirit and should be praised and honored for it.

And yes, Rajul is not wanting to make the decision of self, so she leaves it to us. Make the decision and she will gladly follow because of her devotion. The time will be good for her to see through another perspective. Plan it and she is always at choice. She is strong enough and with the love of your sister, she will be good.

Blessed are you for your love of our daughter and your sister. Seek the knowledge of that, which they (O.H.I.) teach, you need the wisdom also. Hear the truth and incorporate it into your life. We are pleased with you and yes are preparing the way through you for our beloved son (Swamiji). Continue to share and the fire will build, the people of last night could see your joy as you spoke of our beloved son, and when the joy is felt the fire is fanned.

 Come unto us often, remember to feed your discipline and it will feed you.”

(Yes, this is another aspect of the “council”. The energy felt different, like another’s voice and person, even the phrasing seems different, a little softer and not quite as strong.)

Writing of yesterday’s lesson…

After my writing or lesson on devotion, I was driving the car and saw the beauty of an analogy, which came to me, of the comparison of a devotee and the body…

How would you feel towards a devotee that has served you all of his or her life without a day off’ without grumble, with a devotion to you even when he or she did not feel well? How would you treat such a servant of you? My natural response was that I would feel so grateful to them and want to show my appreciation and honor in return, for their service.

So it is, the body is that devotee. When I saw the connection I began to tear up because of that love and how I have not honored my body because of my selfish appetites and habits. I felt such a love and new devotion to the body for its service. So when my old cravings and appetites come into play I can remember the selfless devotion and how the body has served spirit in this physical journey. Honor and a new-shared devotion are ours.

Thank you for this new and beautiful insight.





June 8, 2008


Preparing for bed and heard, “Write.”


(I could not focus or recieve)






June 10, 2008


Waking in tiredness and hearing, “Write.” and then hearing “The Heavens are open.”


The Heavens are open to reveal the love and the way of the light and spirit as the dispensing of power is dispersed for the preparation of mankind for that which is to come. The power of the angels is near for those who are worthy to draw upon the power of God. For those who are worthy the Heavens abound with the gifts of abundance to be used wisely for the healing of the Earth and the inhabitants therein. Bring yourselves unto the Lord in holiness and with a heart open to be prepared to receive. The angels are the guardians of the powers that are dispersed to those that ask and are chosen. Prepare yourself to be a vessel of the gifts that await. Come unto me with a mind focused, a heart focused, a heart open in the name of love, the will of the Lord, and all will be made manifest. Yes, the key of power is unlocked in “the will of the Lord”, when one is in attunement with the will of the angels, Heavens or God. Prepare the mind and heart to know and receive that will. Namaste.”

 “Behold the powers of God abound.”

(This transmission felt different; the voice and vibration of perhaps another being. It feels different from the other writings of the past… This not being negative but just an observation.)






June 11, 2008


“The opportunity to serve shows one’s dedication/devotion of love and heart. You have taken on the joy of one who is in the quest of service of the Divine. Remember, when you are in service it is a meditation of action. One could sit and meditate for hours in silence or one could prepare a feast of delight, each is valuable in the eyes of God. Remember to walk in humility and reverence for the sacredness of the devoted life. Namaste and remember…”






June 15, 2008


“Write, write.” I am distracted and hear again, “Write.”


“The distraction will help your situation, in a limited degree. Just remember to not get lost in your distraction. The true way for healing is in the focused energies of mind and spirit for a given situation. When you focus your intention the energy will follow and the spirit will bless. The spiritual energy is the key component to the understanding and the unlocking of the knowledge of healing the body energy. Remember all is energy; all is vibration. When you slow the vibration, the situation will lessen and eventually dissipate a simplified view of energy and healing. Of course there are depths in which you cannot even imagine or understand, as you know now. So the focus should be on breath and energy, with the intended focus and then with spirit. The addition of spirit, it is the healing factor. You can see the spirit factor in different ways: visually seeing it with color, a feeling such as a tingling, surge, or warmth, even as you have experienced as a smell and others have experienced it as a sound, singing. So all of the senses can detect or experience the blessing of spirit; when all of these come into play the desired effect will be made manifest. So you need to heed the counsel of wisdom to bring to pass the desire of your intent. Our blessings will support your worthy desires and hold the will in place. Think of us as you focus your will and the intention will be made manifest. The blessing is yours and the power is ours to give freely to the worthy. Go forth with your intention and remember.”





June 17, 2008


Driving home from work and hear, “Write.” So it is 9:45 pm and I am very tired and I am hoping that I will be clear…


“The distractions of life are not to be confused with the folly of desire. When one desires of the world, then one is disconnected from the core of spiritual unity of body and soul or what we have come to term, out of alignment. When one has become out of alignment it requires more focused energy to see and readjust. This period of readjustment can be as quick or as slow, that is equaled to the focused desire. The best course of realignment is to recognize through awareness, to feel some remorse and then to move quickly to the realignment. This is where some people get stuck, in the guilt and remorse, and the cycle of self-loathing. Let the light and love of All That Is bring peace to the mind. Come unto Me and I will give you peace. Come unto Me and I will turn your pain into joy. Come unto Me and I will give you all that I have; for this is the birthright of My children.”

In feelings of humility, thank you.






June 20, 2008


“I have come in many forms unto the races of the universe, but it is unto you that I bear the name of Christ, for that is whom you know and revere, as the deity of man. He who has come to redeem the souls of those that turn their hearts to the Source of All That Is, even God. They that come unto Me shall receive the wisdom of the workings of the universe and beyond. For within the house are many rooms and within the rooms many houses, which is without limits or bounds. Come unto Me, be not afraid and I will show you many wonders that the mind cannot conceive or understand; for I am the Beginning and the End and the Creator of All That Is, even so … I Am.

Know Me and know All That Is, realms without limits. Blessed are you; and be not afraid to come unto Me. Let your heart be at peace, let you body be in love and let your mind be one with the love that is offered to you. Be not afraid, let yourself be free of fear and come unto the love and the light of All That Is.”






June 21, 2008 (1:42 am)


Awakened and hearing …

Write… Write… for the information that will come through will be pure and sweet.”

Pen in hand…


“In the beginning of the evolution, of the creation of man, there was a choice in the Heavens to create a species of life that was beyond this world. And so it was the layers of life and the layers of love that created such a concept of creation. The inhabitants of the Mother, was a divine creation of ideas to bring about the evolution of one being, a being of light, love and beauty. And so mankind became the soul barriers of life for all to see and rejoice in this plan of evolution of stages and intelligences, the coming forth of ideas to bring about the continued concept of change, of life. The concept of intelligence renewed into it’s self for the betterment of the species. If one is to be light, one must become the beginning of life; from dust to light; from matter to density, to matter of light. When matter becomes light then one has evolved into the ultimate intelligence, which is that of God or All That Is.

So rejoice in this process of change. Rejoice in this process of evolution. For when the concept is understood then the true rate of evolution is propelled into reality. God sees itself and is transformed. When the knowledge is understood at /in a moment it becomes intelligence, and at that moment is self-realization; that the mind can release into All That Is and become light. And in so doing become God again and become one again. This is the process of change, of evolution into God, from matter into light; from concept into reality; from matter into light and into its purest form.

 So continue to open the mind to the idea of light and you will know the process of being, which is the simplicity of creation. When mind is made concept of it’s self, when God is realized, when the creation is made whole.

 Continue to carry light and in that light is love, which is the emotional state of being; which is the fullness of God, when the mind and soul merge and become one. Love is the state that is the prelude of joy. So continue to carry the light of love and you will become self-realized or become God in matter of light. Bring forth the light of love and be who you are… All That Is, even God.

 Blessed are you to know and see the joy of God.

 Bring forth the light of love and experience the joy, the state of God or All That Is.”






June 28, 2008


“Write”… “Write”… pen in hand with the third eye awareness sensation.


“The time has come for you to focus your thoughts and energies from the physical to the spiritual to create a place of peace, harmony and vibration that will be suitable to the work that will be transforming your home into a temple of worship and a sanctuary of peace, love and solitude. Each room will need to be dedicated and blessed for this cause. In the past the focus was on life (for your home) and the focus must be made for the spiritual focus that will hold and be conducive to the work to be done. Direct the mind and the direct focus towards this goal. You have been lax and letting your life be loose without boundaries. But the time has come where the boundaries will give you the needed structure and a framework to hold the energy that is needed to do the work that will be done in this area of focus. The discipline needed in mind and body will be beneficial to the out come desired. Even as you write you drift into sleep because of the unfocused intention that is needed to be developed into a focused desire of praise and devotion. And if you do so you will experience the joy of life that cannot be described by pen nor tongue, but by the heart of a devotee of the Holy Ones that hold the keys to unlock the doors of other worlds and dimensions. Hold your focus and you will be taken through those doors and you will be shown the joy of All That Is. Blessed are the souls that dedicate their focus to the work of the Heavens and Earth. Blessed are you. Go forth and know.”






June 30, 2008



Pen in hand…


“It will come to pass that in time your arm will be healed. It has been a concern for you. You must nurture it, icing is good, but the strain of the concrete work is prolonging the discomfort. Let others serve and you will be able to hold the financial abilities to sustain your well being. Trust that we will take care of the needs that you have. Yes, you can keep your work light during the stay of our beloved and we will channel the work needed to you, as you need. Receive the will and trust the outcome of the will, for we have no limits to resources when the will of God is discovered. Bless you, walk your path in trust and knowing. Bless you this day.”






July 15, 2008



I was folding laundry and the spirit/mudra dance filled me… such a sweet connection as I observe my body move with the energy. As I was witnessing my body I was filled with an emotion of fullness, an emotion that was close to joy, yet not exactly. All I can describe it as is a fullness, an emotion that is wonderful. As I completed the dance of energy, in my body, I was told to, “Write.” I could have stayed in that energy dance for what seems forever. When I say dance, it is not a literal full body dance, but a witness of my body filled and moving with bursts of energy that sometimes precedes and often followed by the mudras or body gestures. (My third eye is so awake right now, it is pulsing and vibrating. It has been moving in and out of these sensations all day.)

I experienced something new during this last energy dance. At one point my hands were raised above my head in a extended upward pose. I could feel the energy moving from one palm to the other, as I could feel it affecting my crown chakra. This was a new experience. I have played with the energy and expanded the sphere-like orb between my palms, but this movement was very new. (I cannot get over the sensation in my third eye, it is really activated.) Perhaps this is the purpose of this writing, to record the body awareness. For what purpose I know not, yet it seems to be the theme. I can sense the Heavens and a message….


“Yes, we have shown you the beginning wonders that you will behold and experience with your body (as it jolts). The body is truly your temple, to yourself and to Whom has blessed you with physical experience. We will not expound on this subject, but know that you fully understand the cautions that come with this gift. Express your love and devotion with your actions, and the Heavens will pour out the blessings associated with such devotion. We love you and all those that you could feel the energy flow out to. Blessings are yours and those who will receive the energy of love (jolt). Come to us often, lift your heart and eyes to the (jolt) gaze of light and you will learn to behold, All That Is. For your blessing is to behold and receive the beginning of the hour of the preceding of the movement of All That Is. You will come to understand the meaning of these words. Accept this in faith and know the hour approaches in which all will behold the glory of the Heavens.”





July 27, 2008


Sitting outside on the patio in the morning sun the day after receiving Rajul and Swamiji, and hearing “Write.” … pen in hand…


The purpose of life is to find joy; the joy that is the life and flow of all creation. For all creation is of one Source, one action, the act of love which is the same as joy, the endless, boundless wave of creation that flows through the universe and all that is of form and all that has no form; the energies of life, of existence and of continuance. The word ‘continuance’ is the expression of Spirit because it describes the flow of creation. All That Is, is the expression of God, for it is God. The life that is blessed to you is the same as continuance, which is full of joy. The purpose of life is to find joy, to find the peace of God in every moment and you will have found the true experience of continuance.

Blessed are Rajul and Swamiji for the heavens rejoice in their love and work. The rays of light are the fingers of God that stroke the vines and open the doors of opportunity to them and give them and others the gift of experience, the meaning of their purpose.

Blessed are those that choose to serve, be one with the process of creation. Blessed is this day; seek the joy and you will find me.”


I sat at my alter with a wondering mind, and heard to breathe the breath of fire; I then slowly inhaled and exhaled out my mouth. And still with a wondering mind I heard, “Pull any book and I will speak to you”.

So the book that I let my hand be guided to was Phoenix Rising … and I read.

“Wings Flexing… And the fledgling craned his downy neck as he unfolded and flexed his mighty wings of change.”


Another book I let my hand pull, Dying To Live opened and read…

“The only thing that is constant is the certainty of change, nothing ever remains the same … they all had to do with trusting God.”

And another book, Opening Up… the page opened and I read,” Now that you know yourself and have some control of personal reality. You are ready to look at and understand the world, of which you and all others are a part.”

I sit in amazement and wonder.






August 14, 2008


I must write…


We had the most beautiful sat sung. It was different from the previous two, each having an individual flavor, each seasoned with it’s own unique spice. Tonight was sweet with the energy of Swamiji’s teachings, the singing of a devotee’s daughter and of course the holy ash. Swamiji taught of love and relationships. The singing of the young woman was like hearing an angel. The sharing of the holy ash was also special, to observe the serenity and beauty of the people in reverence. It sent my body into mudras. The beauty of the sat sung was incredible.

After I walked dad and Renee out to the car, and returned to the kitchen to help Rajul prepare a late yet wonderful meal. We then sat and discussed the evening’s satsung and were digesting it as we nourished our bodies with the food. I got up for some more bread and as I turned the corner to return to my seat my body went into an energetic feeling of energy and heard within, ‘calling of the guru.’ I mentioned it to Rajul and Swamiji and they said that I must eat, so I backed down from the energy of the call. I sat and tried to eat as my body continued with spontaneous mudras, there was no stopping the flow of energy.






September 14, 2008


Praying for Rajul. Swamiji and Rajul have asked me to pray and ask a blessing of Dada and the Heavens in regards to Rajul’s diagnosis of cancer.

“Write and I will talk with you”…


“This day has come into the thoughts of many the well being and comfort of our loved one. She is a beloved and is in our care. The care of the Heavens is watching over her, for her return to us. The life as she knows it will come to a close and the love that she has sown and reaped will be accounted for. That which is just a passing will come within a year and she will be seen on the path of petals and received into our love once more. This time is precious and all caution for the desires to prolong that which all must pass. The burden will be lifted and freedom felt for the one who lives in our hearts and touches the hearts of the many.

 The time will come when the strength will be needed by the many to support and sustain the loved one. Come unto us continually and we will show you the love that awaits…

The love of the Heavens is most desirable and the beloved will enter into rest. She will become one with that which has blessed her in this life. The one will become all knowing and be able to help those lost and searching. The time is at hand when the love will be received with love.

Be present and know this path is for all and those that embrace it with the same desire as they embraced life will be blessed. Know my son, that you are loved and the Heavens await your desire.”

 DaDa, shall I share this with Rajul?

“Share it that she will come into acceptance and receive the love that awaits. Share it in love and share it in trust. Trust yourself and your own process of desire and love. “

 “Share it that all might prepare.”

 My lips pressed to the mala beads that were blessed by Sai Baba and hearing….


“Come unto me and be blessed,

Come unto me and know, come unto me and love,

Come unto me and live.”


“Know your strength that you might know your weakness, and then know that which is weak shall be made strong… love and know thyself.”






October 8, 2008


Waking and asking for forgiveness for my avoidance, lack of desire and discipline.

I hear….


“Write I would like to speak with you”. I roll over and begin to hear…“Forgiveness comes with the only true emotion that carries God… Love.


I go into some avoidance, with the feeling of being unworthy of any communication.

But as I shower I am drawn like a moth to the flame. And as I mark my chakras as I do every morning with the mark of Christ and as I do asking for forgiveness. My heart softens; and so here I sit once more with pen in hand and ready to write…


“As was spoken, forgiveness is in love and love is the bearer of God. What cannot be accomplished when there is love … when there is God?

 Come unto us in love and receive, come unto us in love and be, All That Is.

The truth is upon our tongues for all to hear and upon your ears and heart to water the seeds that have been sown. Let not the sprouting buds wither, but accept our love and live. Our love to you and those of an open heart … come unto us in love.”





October 17, 2008


It is R’s birthday and am driving and thinking of her and begin to hear words or a birthday blessing…


“Blessed is the one that creates love with her hands and walks the paths of the physical. Blessed is this day, when the world opened to hold one of such great magnitude

For the Heavens hold the greater, for the times of silence.

 When the Heavens are heard the heart is awake and the mind asleep. Blessed is she that holds the knowledge of beings deep in her soul and graces the realms of being with her light. The arches of all passages open to her, in her grace. The worlds are hers to discover, and the Heavens are hers to rest. Blessed is this day. And peace to all those that know.”





November 16, 2008


In my morning shower and contemplating (yesterday, Saturday) a day spent in bed and watching television the entire day. Thinking of the past and shutting down to that which has brought me joy. Remembering the words that have been spoken to me, “Will you suffer for me?”

I have shut down for the past couple of months, being crippled with the disappointment and knowledge of Rajul’s outcome and finding it hard to carry these responsibilities.

Now hearing and writing the words in the steam on the shower door…

“Turn your back on that which draws you away from me. The golden fruit from which you have partaken awaits you filled with knowledge, truth and joy. Will you suffer for me?”

And so now with pen in hand I write…


“My son, the angels of above are saddened at the self pain of affliction that you have placed upon yourself. Our love and joy for you are eternal, even in our sadness. There is no need for the torment that you are placing upon yourself.

The words of old that came with such a vengeance upon the peoples of the world where fulfilled with the love of the many and even Him, the Christ. Come unto Him even in your pain and ungodliness. He and we will lift you up. Turn not from us in your shame; Turn not from us in your confusion. Turn to us in love and the world will be yours. Turn to us in love and we will lift you up.”