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January 1, 2010

(An email sent to Rajul)

Happy New Year to you all!

I am so happy that you are on the healing road!  May the New Year bring us all the love of the Heavens…

Love,   ‘W’

( This is me putting on a good face when all I want to do is go inward and hide.)





January 3, 2010


I took Dad to a movie yesterday, and have been restless and in bed all the rest of the weekend. I feel depressed and overwhelmed, I want to hide from the world….





January 5. 2010


‘J’ called me today as I was driving home from work, I pulled to the side of the road in knowing what was to come from her tone… our beloved is gone. I am grateful for her call of love as the tears flowed and I held the energy in my throat making it hard to speak.

I am now home and am told to write of my experience as I have sat with Rajul’s picture…

Candlelight shines and the incense burns as I sit and gaze at the picture of Rajul. And I hear the soft words…

“You have known the smile, you have known the love. Come unto me and ask and I will I will share that which I have known, love.

Let the others know I am fine and in the love of the Loved Ones. Come unto me and know that which awaits.

Yes, I let go so that you, my son (her son), might be here to also guide my body to its final rest with he who has loved me from the beginning (Swamiji). The light of love shines, receive it and know that I am with you. The joy is great, even as I now know. Feel the comforting touch and hear the whisper of love – know that I have always loved you and will continue, even in these planes of unity and separation. Love to you all.”

“The love of daughter and son will be felt with the softest of touches that radiates the joy that is yours.”

“For the ‘accounting’, is but a moment and I am now one… one in love and light”

“Yes, even as the loved ones of the ages have taught and shown… as I become one with the waters, so I am one with the All, even now.”

As I continue to gaze…

“As you see my smile and joy, know that is what I feel with the love that continues, surrounded with the love that I have missed. Know that your missing will be, but a blink, and you will be with me as I am with them.  Embrace all the love that is around you, miss it not, for you all are surrounded with that which you miss. Know that you are one now, even as I am.”

“Each come unto me, open and listen and you will hear me in the soft whisper. Trust that I will always be with you and for you.”

“And when those times of importance come, know that my seat is filled with the love that overflows to all those that will partake of the touch and the whisper. Know that I am here.”

“It has been my joy to serve you and will now be my joy to watch and bless you.”

Meant for me…

“Peace to you my dearest one, peace and know that the Heavens smile upon you in love and radiance.

Come unto me and we will show you all that is permitted to see, feel and know. Come unto me and see the light that shines within you. Come unto me and know that I am still the one that has always loved you. For I am me and we are we… Yes, Elizabeth showed you the connection and singleness of all that is. TRUST yourself and know, even as you are loved.“

Another voice is heard,

“Yes, she has walked the path of petals and is received in love. That which was given has returned. And let all praise her name in love and the light will continue to shine forth to the world from which she came. Blessed is this day as she is in the joy of love. And blessed is the one that calls her name unto us. Peace be in your hearts and know the light continues to shine through you.”

A masculine voice is heard…

“Blessed is he who has loved her from the beginning to the end (Swamiji) for his joy will be great and multiply in abundance and time.”

“Blessed are one and all.”

Energy, mudras and emotion move through me as I see and feel a multitude of loved ones that are gathered. Faces I recognize and know who are gathered together in one body (group) that share the love of All That Is – radiating the love of the Heavens.





January 5, 2010

Several emails sent in love and support…


Dear Swamiji,’B’ and ‘S’,

My love to you all, I was so upset when ‘J’ called me with the news and my heart was heavy all the rest of the day. I just kept sending love and support out to Rajul and you. I left work early to come home and to be with Rajul and my sorrow. And to my amazement I heard her soft voice, which lifted my heart and has brought me great comfort. I am sure the sadness will come in waves, but as of right now it is lighter than it has been because of my experience of her. I share it, because all of you are in the writings and it is my hope that it will be received in the love that it is shared…  (sent the writings to them)

Received email to me from Swamiji, January 6


Rajul left this planet but not me, she is with me as always . She was and still is my wife, my love, my partner and my soul mate……




Sent January 8th


Swamiji, ‘B’ and ‘S’,

My continued thoughts, prayers and love continue during this time of ceremony of change. All will be united on Saturday to honor our “Gift”(Rajul).    My love to you all,  ‘W’



Sent January 9th


Dear Swamiji, ‘B’ and ‘S’,

My thoughts continue of you and hoping that the love of the Heavens is continuing to comfort your hearts. ‘J’ was kind to organize a few of us at her home to honor Rajul, from which I just returned. It was so wonderful to have ‘K’(Rajul’s now daughter-in-law) and her sister come up and share in our love of Rajul. We shared loving stories and honored her as she was in our presence. And it was a gift to be with others that shared in her love.

My heart is heavy and joyful at the same time. My prayer is that the tenderness of the Heavens will continue to stroke your hearts with peace.

Peace be with us all,   ‘W’





January 9, 2010

Yes, we honored Rajul tonight, which was filled with a mixture of emotions.

We all brought objects that represented different things to each of us about Rajul,  our relationship with her, and created an alter. It was beautiful. A chair was left open for her and yes it was filled as she had said. Love overflowed and bonded us all together as we honored her with our tears, stories, laughter, praise, silence, prayers, but most of all our love. It was a sweet evening.





January 15, 2010


Today I was honored to be with Rajul’s son and daughter, also ‘K’ and ‘J’ to assist in Rajul’s final farewell to her body, and this life as she knew it. At Rajul’s request, a small portion of her remains were to be released into the Sacramento River, which held a dear place in her heart for many reasons. To be in the presence of the tenderness that we all have for her was humbling. And it was as she had spoken to me, ‘she now became one with All That Is’, as the final remains of her body became one with the waters. In keeping with Indian tradition a ceremony of ritual was performed.

And so it was, a sacred place was created with our love, tears, prayers and the anointing of the Heavens, on these few that were one in love and purpose. As I took my turn kneeling and pouring a portion of sacred water into her remains, the energy and mudras overcame my body (as it often did in her presence) and I was surprised by the raw emotion that escaped my body as I clung to the winter earth for support and composer. With palms open in wet grass and dirt I felt an ease from the earth that softened my unexpected sobs, of the loss of love that has honored and supported me in life. My heart was made lighter and the mudra to the Heavens that lifted my head to the soft sunlit sky and I knew she was not gone, but right beside us. Each of us releasing handfuls of orange rose petals that created the ‘path of petals’, which the Heavens have always described as her path, one of honor. And so the small bowl of her remains drifted away from us as we all offered floating flowers of prayers that trailed behind the bowl shrouded in orange linen. We all watched in a quiet reverence at the beauty of the precession of petals, bowl and flowers…    the beauty that was and always will be Rajul, our gift.

Some weeks have past since these events with Rajul, and yet with her loss, comes her blessing. I have felt the loss of physical support here in my life and to my blessing have been guided to a new meditation group that has welcomed me with open arms. The facilitator of the group is also a channel, of Michael the Archangel and her personal guide Matthew. She welcomes my energy and mudras and sees them for the love that they are. It is a comfort to be received and understood. And I cannot help but feel that Rajul and the Heavens have had a gentle hand in bringing me to this welcomed support. With the few times I have met with this new group, there have been some wonderful experiences of spirit and growth, which I will share from time to time.

One of the most amazing things is that ‘C’, the channel of Michael, has channeled the energy and he has said to us, that one of his purposes is to balance the energies within each of us. And to my amazement, he has been working with me with his sword.  On the first evening that I joined the group while we were in a quiet part of the channeling experience, as he worked with us individually, I experienced his sword being placed within me along my spine with the tip into the earth and the cross bar at my shoulders with his hands on the handle. With this I felt such a grounded and expansive feeling in the same moment. A feeling and sense that is so wonderful, a feeling of connection in both realms of physical and of Spirit, that can only be a blessing to me as I do walk both worlds.

The experience of the sword and Michael’s energy continues to work with me. The sword can spin within my body and in this spinning the cross bar sends out energy. At the top of the handle I often connect to a sphere of energy above my head connecting me with my crown chakra. Again to my amazement this just continues to pop up in my daily world, as I sit to drive the car I can sense this sword of connection, as I ask a prayer of blessing I can sense this connection with the energy radiating outward to that person. A continuing symbol and tool to help me focus and connect to the powers of Heaven.

For the past several months I have been more aware of an increase of energy in my palms and it seems like it is becoming even more so. There is a significant increase in the flow and pulse of energy, which always brings me to a since if amazement and wonder.

 The other day I was pondering and questioning the sword and its reality, and there was a moment of clarity that came to me. What I was impressed with was that it is not important of which symbol or metaphor is used, for our physical brain works in pictures, but what is important is the energetic change or outcome. So with this awareness and accompanied with the remembered teachings of ‘C’, I have stopped questioning the reality of the sword and more focused upon the energy that it produces within me and the outpouring and connection of energy around me.

So again I am back in a state of gratitude and love for the blessing of the Heavens, of which I am sure that Rajul and the handful of my loved ones are orchestrating the flow of focused love and support to me. Thank you.




Winter/Spring 2010   (undated)

Come unto Me. “…


“It is only through the intensity of focused prayer that the door to the heart will be opened. The heart awaits, let the endless hungers of the flesh devour itself in the desire of the heart. So that you might see the reveal of all that awaits, the seat of the restless soul and the peace of a questioning mind … Come unto Me and behold the eternal rest, the love and joy of God. Let the focus come unto Me and the path will be illuminated and the journey but a step into bliss. The fear that keeps you restless and the wandering will only be quieted with the will of the heart. Come unto Me.”





March 16, 2010


Driving home with energy flowing with a jolt and hearing, “Come unto Me.”  I connect with the flow and feel the rhythm, the ebb and flow of a magnetized energy and again hear, “Write” as I continued the car toward home.

So here I am home with pen in hand…


The time has come for Heaven and Earth to merge as one being and for the unity of man and Spirit to merge into healing. The awakened man will sense that which has been lost/ missing. The oneness will be the marriage and the flow of energy uniting of what will be. Come unto Me, and sense the beginning of what will be and All That Is. The time has come for the awakening of that which is lost from the conscious mind and the unconscious will emerge from its hiding to shine upon the ideals of mankind. For those with a heart of intention will see the light shine forth unto the dark and all that was dark shall be light and all that was light shall be dark or released into the globe/sphere of universal energy to become one with All That Is. The dawning of a new age is upon the person with intention, for those beings will bear the light of Spirit and will be the light bearers unto the world. Come unto Me That I might make you whole and that the cells or energy chambers might be made bright with that which shall reign down upon the earth.

 The time has come for the Heaven and the Earth to become one. For the bride calls out to the Groom and the cry is heard through all times, for the unity of energy into one balanced being of time. The Earth shall not be forgotten, for she that has awaited in patience shall receive her grace and reign in her glory once more. For she that has birthed you has endured the punishing blows of your burden and she that has cried out has been heard. Heaven shines forth and the purity of her beauty has been manifest in her soul/bowels and her heart cries out for her children to heed the warnings, but the children turn to their own pleasures and not to the warnings about them.

 Come unto Me and be one, that the energy might reign forth and all might not be forgotten, but restored into that which bears the ripened fruit, to pluck and partake that all might be made whole. Just as in the beginning the fruit was partaken of and so it is now. Partake that which is ripened and know that which will be and what Is. Come unto Me and partake of the sweetness of delight and joy. The knowledge of All That Is. The joy of knowing that which Is. Come unto Me. Come unto Me and be still and know.

The joy will be yours, with the sweetness upon your tongue and the brightness in your heart. Come unto Me and be All That Is.”


The next morning…

I woke up this morning feeling still connected and expanded. Hearing as I woke, “Come unto Me continuously and I will show you wonders.”

I feel a state of gratitude and desire.





March 19, 2010 (3:00 am)


I am awakened out of sleep and hear, “Come unto Me”.

I feel impressed to write and yet feeling some fear of what is to come.

“Come unto Me, the Lord, in mighty prayer and supplication and the will of the Lord will be made known unto you.”

I feel unworthy for my heart has not been dedicated to the things of Spirit…


“The ways of the Lord are not the ways of the world, but he who comes unto Me with a contrite spirit and humble heart will be blessed beyond the things of this world. Your heart has been humble for you have been speaking of Me and of Spirit. Was I not with you? And will I not be with you again? Am I not with you now?

The Lord God knoweth all things that one cannot hide and yet you hear the call. Does this not say unto you that worthiness is not predicated upon the doing but upon the heart?

Come unto Me and all will be made known. Come unto Me and all will be forgiven. As I have said unto you, that the will of the Lord is given unto those of a humble heart and in my presence all things are forgiven. Have I not shown unto you the state of grace and the love of God, which dwell in His presence. Yes, the perfect balance of All That Is. Be calm of mind. Let the past go unto that which is known and you will be able to stay in the present. For the present is the key to unlocking the door to All That Is. It is in the present that I come unto you. For it is now that you hear My words and if you trust My words, it is now that will live forever. The presence of God is in the knowing of this law or key. For all that was or ever will be is in this moment. Bring the mind and heart unto Me often and I will show you not the things of this world, but unto the world of your Self…Spirit made whole. Come unto Me that you might remember in the flesh and bring My purpose unto you and the world.

 You question… only because of your feelings of unworthiness and lack. But be assured that I have not chosen out of the flock… (I am not trusting the words because of my feelings of unworthiness)…that are worthy and mindless, but the one who forges forth of will and spirit; the one who will not let the Master rule in only words, but seeks the presence of the Master. He that wanders into the wilderness to seek the Master of the flock, for that one shows unto Me the spirit and heart of the one.”

But I ask of the ones that keep You and pray to You in their hearts daily?

Be not worried of the intention of others, for I know their hearts and their minds, but it is you that I come for, because you have come for Me. You have not let the ways of the world keep you huddled in the safety of the flock, but have sought Me out in the wilds of the wilderness. You have shown Me your will, and know, that I will show you Mine. Trust and come unto Me. Trust and I will make you into that which the flesh does not reveal. Come unto Me. Yes, even I who am the Christ of this world and others. I am the same one that marked you and it is the same voice that calls unto you now. Know My voice that you might hear Me as you wander among the thickets and brush, and not be lost as you seek Me. Come unto Me and know My call and My love. The world is not ready to hear My voice, but the hearts of the many have heard Me and know the call.

Come unto Me and the ways of the world will not rule you. Come unto Me and the will of the flesh will be made whole. Come unto Me and know that I have chosen you.

 Your mind questions and your heart is unsure… as it should be. For that continues to show Me that the humble can hear Me in the clamoring noise of man. Be not fearful of heart, trust and you will continue to grow in strength and all will be made manifest to you. The veil of this world will be pierced and you will see and know All of which Is. The present, of the awakening is upon you, know your heart and you will know Me. Seek the things of that which you know.”

 I felt as if a hand was passed upon my head in assurance and love.





April 4, 2010 (Easter morning)


Come unto Me, and be filled with awe,

I will show you wonders.

For I Am that I Am, All That Is.

Come unto Me and be All That Is.

Come unto Me for there is no more and no less,

Come unto Me and be.”

With these words I was taken into a state of rapture, my whole body was filled with a love and joy that was without measure. As I became full and could hold no more the energy overflowed out of me and I had a desire to share it with others, and began to focus the Divine energy with my prayers. Witnessing the energy flow out and I wept in this pure state of love. After a time I could not take in anymore and went into a sleep/rest state. Upon awakening I heard…

“Come unto Me continuously that I might bless the intentions of your heart. For the holy state of grace fell upon you because your heart was open. For there is no sin in my presence, because all is forgiven in this holy state. The rapture of holiness fell upon you and the holy union felt, because of the seed of love within took hold, and grew in light and love. Come unto Me often, that we might tend the garden of your heart and soul, and the beauty will be wondrous. The awe of All That Is will grow into the glorious rapture of love. A state that is so beautiful that the mind cannot see or the mouth cannot speak, the holy state of God. Come unto Me.”

Again, I have been blessed and beheld He who has marked my heart. He who has graced my soul. For my heart is full, as I still linger in the beauty of His love. My eyes are opened and see the continuous blessing of Spirit. I pray that I might carry this state of love into the world and walk in His love. Tears flow with gratitude and joy. For the Heavens opened to me this morning and the rapture of His joy was upon me. It comes to my mind, that it is thought upon thought coupled with emotion that opens the heart to receive such grace. The lesson this day is to continuously see the goodness around me and as that is the focus, the heart becomes open and willing to receive the grace of God.

As I reflect on the past while, which has been difficult, I can see that grace. Even yesterday at work in such stress, as I look back with opened eyes I can see the extended hand of God: in ‘L’call of concern and well wishes for me, in the mother and son at the door standing with their look of happiness after delivering flowers, and in the unexpected visit of a shopper standing at my shop door afterhours. As I unlocked the door and invited her in, turning on the lights, little did I know that I was opening to a blessing. We connected on a heart level and ended up speaking of blessings and of God, which seemed to melt the stress of the day. As I opened that door for her, I opened the door for Him this morning. It was upon that action and continued thoughts and emotions that lead me to this place of grace. My heart is full with the union of Spirit, Christ, and the Heavens. It cannot be described, but a continuous flow of the energy of love. As I received this blessing it was a natural state to want to share it with others, and so my heart opened to others in the form of thoughts or blessings for them, as I focused on the loved ones that came into my mind. Tears flow for these extended blessings and love. My heart is still open to my experience and the blessings of the Heavens. For in my experience I was blessed by ‘my angels’. My angels of love, each in turn to bless me with a loving, gentle kiss to my forehead starting with mom, then Rajul, Elizabeth and to my surprise Aunt Vallie, ending with, my brother, with his hands on my shoulders in blessing and support. The Heavens were open and there was no separation, only a state of love. Tears keep flowing as I still linger in this holy union.

The rapture of the Heavens fell upon me as I beheld Him who has opened my heart and blessed my soul, as the whole world pays focus and tribute to Him this day. The love and grace of Christ falls upon us. Gratitude is in my heart as I think of this blessing, and hear His words to us, “Come unto Me.”

I walk forth into my day with a full and marked heart with His love. Thank you is not sufficient, but trying to carry and radiate His love will be my goal of thanksgiving.

“The light of love is upon you, and will continue to bless you with goodness for the days of your life. So it is said, and so it will be.”

Tears of gratitude continue to flow. My thoughts turn to my very first Christ experience years ago when I was told to prepare to receive All That Is. I think of this day… and wonder?





April 7, 2010

(A later accounting of the experience of this night)


I want to detail an experience that happened to me, so you will have some clear understanding as you continue to read. I also bear witness of the power of the Heavens and the love that is held for us on the Spiritual realities of love and light.

I came home late from work this night and to my astonishment as soon as I walked into my house the hair on my arms and neck stood on end and I felt a presence in my space. One not of the physical reality, I immediately went into fear. I went straight into my bedroom and crawled into bed as fast as I could and started to call upon the energies of the Heavens, calling on Christ’s name and Michael the Archangel, whom I have been having some experiences. My mind was racing and I was bewildered, that after having such a loving experience on Easter, this would now be happening. As I continued to repeat my prayer and using the name of Christ to clear my home of this lower energy I with spiritual eyes and awareness saw the sword of Michael being gripped firmly with a masculine hand coming down with force, into what appeared to be the center of my home. And it seemed spontaneously to begin to rotate and generate energy that spiraled outward,

sending out an energy or light throughout my home. This image was comforting to me for this is the same imagery that I have been experiencing in meditation, since I first connected with the Michael energy a few months ago. In my meditations the sword has been a symbol of power and it has done the same rotation to spin out the energies of light and love into my internal levels and world, radiating from the spiritual realms into the physical world. It seemed that immediately after this image of the sword, as I called upon the light and love of Christ and using His name I was filled with physical warmth that began to generate into a fire within me and then again with spiritual eyes I saw it encircle me. With this burning within and about me I could sense myself starting to calm and falling into a state of safety and gratitude. I am not sure the timing of this and the lapse into sleep. But what I do remember next was waking, lifting my head off the pillow and immediately sensing/seeing in a knowledge of awareness and calm, four beings of a masculine nature standing guard at the four corners of my bed. And in that instant of awareness I heard the word, “Cherubim.” I could see their swords, sense them and their protective quality, which in my awakened state felt a sense of awe and comfort and laid my head down and was back into my sleep. I remember waking several times throughout the night and each time sensing to my comfort these beings of light, love and safety.  And so it was upon my waking thoughts that I first heard what is to follow…

Waking and hearing, “You are in My heart.” As I reply, “You are in mine also.”


“The energy that you have been feeling, sensing and fearing is real. Do not let your mind diminish its reality. And yet the mind can play with the fear of it and embellish upon its reality. And that is part of the natural nature and the game of its origin. Once it is felt, the fear creates it’s reality into more than it is. It is good that you called upon My name and My power. For when you did, you could feel the energy of fire enter you and surround you. You could feel the power of All that Is, the Creator, and He who can diminish the enemies of Heaven. It is all part of the game of this reality, of the human experience, and the nature of this plane. Fear not the natural plane and the lower realities, for you are in My heart and in My love. The call of My name and the power is with you. Even with My power is the strength of the image of the symbol. For the mind of mankind operates with the imagery of symbols, even with that, the natural mind will embellish. Diminish it not, for the symbols are powerful and the embellishment appropriate within measure and reason. For the sword is and will serve you. You can feel its power and strength on the emotional level and in the energetic and physical levels also. Judge not the active imagination that can serve you, but remember to keep a balance, even in all things. As we have shared with you in the past, it is through the creative mind that allows you to even open to us and this world, the realities of energy and Spirit.

To mention of this that is fearful to you, when there is an intensity of energy and Spirit, such as the experience you had the morning of My love for you, it draws attention or attraction on all levels of form and creation. All energies are attracted to such light. You and the experience have been noticed and the beauty draws those of less evolved realities. Yes, I am avoiding the words of fear to you, so that you will not build upon the experience and create more power for it, and with that the words of fear, of man carry. Fear not, for the love of God is upon you and your sword of love (symbol/reality) can dispel all your fears. The realms of Spirit and Creation are new to your mind. And yet you will remember them as you open the doors of the realities. Fear not, for My love is with you and My power upon you, even as you could and have sensed the last couple of nights.”

How can I be at peace in my own home without this struggle, for it has been my sanctuary from the world?

“And it still is. For you carry the emotion that it holds within and you will learn in time that the feeling of peace can be felt even amongst the most turbulent of energies. Reclaim your peace of mind by focusing on your power and strength. The wonder of what you will behold when you return home, opens the door to that which you fear. You will learn, and you are beginning to realize the strength of the thought and the mind. Fear not, walk in peace and you will behold the energies will bow to you and relent to your will.

 Call upon Me, and We will be with you. Call upon Me, and My love will burn within you and encircle you in your fears. Come unto Me continuously, that I might bless you among men. Come unto Me and feel My love.”

I am filled with gratitude once more for He who has marked my heart.





May 9, 2010  Mother’s Day


After I went with Dad and placed flowers on Mom’s gravesite, I did go to the river and set some flowers afloat on the water for Rajul. It is always beautiful. It was breezy so the flowers were blown on the water current, back into the rocks of the shore. The flowers were not flowing, as I watched and thought of her, the only orange flower, that I set out first that lead the group, was about six to eight feet down from me. I watched as itt floated up stream (the only one to do so) and hovered in front of me on the water for a few minutes, as I communed with her. I heard in my thoughts, “I am not here but in everything, the power of the One(God) is in the many.” And my thoughts went back to my experience with Elizabeth, how she showed me the oneness of energy. Finally I said, “Be free Rajul, be free.” The still, orange flower floated out into the mainstream of the water and drifted off downstream, as the other flowers and petals were clinging to the rocks in the wind and current. I love her and know she is about us.

May I be in life, as Rajul is in death… free. May I let go from clinging to the rocks with the currents and winds of life ,and flow with the energy and currents of the Heavens.





October 16, 2010


Hearing the words, “Come unto us.” Feeling a sense or surge of a fullness of energy in my body and hearing again, “Come unto us.

So once more with pen in hand…


Come unto us in love and we will teach you and take you to new, higher dimensions of love. The awareness of self will dissolve into the oneness of The One, and he who trusted the journey will know love and light without limits. Yes, the light is within you and about you. It is I who touched you with the love of light and it I who transformed the physical into light, the light of another realm of time and dimension. He who journeys into this realm will know love without limits, a love that the heart will not be able to hold, a love that the body will not be able to contain: light and love without limits, the state of God, the state of Oneness, the state of All That Is.

 He who was chosen to see and feel is loved without bounds, and the seekers of light will bear that which is found to new heights, that the heart may know that which is heart. The love of other worlds will be the love of this world when all are born unto the light and grace of the Everlasting Light of the World. Come unto us and know that light and as you know that light you will know the Only Light, He who has created the limitless worlds of love. Yes, that which is above is below and all about you, the worlds and possibilities are endless to the one who is seeking, the one who is asking and the one who is willing to travel with trust into the other realms of God. It is I, who has left the Heavens for all mankind, and it I who now comes for you. Even the Christ of Love and Light, that holds you in this place of well being, that carries the burdens of all that you might know the peace of this world, know the love of the next and forever beyond. I came into this world that I might know and carry the light of love unto the realms of darkness. That all might see the shining of the world, the world of opposites and polarity, the world of the children of men, and the world that was created from the beginning as the teacher of truth, the holder of truths. This physical plane has all the truths that mankind might know if he is able to pierce the codes and meanings. All are written into this density of form. For the light of love was made physical to teach and hold all truth. You might even call this, The Book of Truths. That which is written, is written into this density of form to hold the truths of He that created All That Is. This form of density is the book from which all must read, and it is the Book of Life from which all must know. This knowledge that which is written on the air and elements is the truth that will elevate all to the oneness of the Creator of All. Even He, who has shown His mercy and love to hold off the angels of Heaven that mankind, might be born unto the light that is His nature. The angels of love have been patient in their loving, to give the will of man the opportunity to grow unto that, which is born of light and love. The love of He, who is the Creator of All lifts those who seek to new realms of love and light. He who knocks in an attitude of love will know love, and he who knocks on the door of Heaven will know Heaven. For all that seek will be given and all that you know will die into the eternal light of love and will be used to bless the All. For now you see and know the truth in its purest and simplest form… love. There is nothing more or nothing less. The eternal state of God is love. There is One Love and One God that blesses the endless unto the All. This might seem as a contradiction but as you study the light of love, you will see and know that which is spoken. For the love of God is without limit and without form. Again you question, but come unto us and you will be taught that which you seek, all in your due time. Line upon line and precept upon precept until the realms of light and love are known, that which is formless and that which has form, are one and the same. All is written unto this Book of Life. She that holds you near and dear is the mother and teacher of her children. She that has received the Holy Spirit of Oneness knows all truth and she will teach her children, as a mother of man teaches her suckling to walk.

 Come unto us and we the bearers of light will teach you of love, that which is the substance of all, that which creates, binds and destroys; the endless cycles of the laws of love. The endless cycles of All That Is. Come unto us and know that which you seek.

You ask who ‘we’ are?

We are the One and the One are we.  There is no mystery in this. We are those that have committed our purpose to the healing and bearing of light. We have had many names, none of those, which you fear. We carry not the darkness that you have been taught to fear. For when you know the truth of the Book, you will know the truth of us… the Keepers of Light and Love, the same as you. You who have been made dense,physical to transform the density into light, that all might see again the love of God, the Creator of the All. Concepts of the All/One simplified to the understanding that the child in learning, might know the path and know the journey of learning. Line upon line and the journey will be made sweet in the light of love. He that you seek is part of the One and part of the All, even Jesus the Christ, Master of Men, He that knealth before God and is God. He that has made Himself into form that you and others might trust and follow His lead. Come unto us and you will come unto Him. For we come to prepare the hearts of men to receive the light of His love, for we are the Lightworkers of Love, that come unto you that you might come unto us.

Come unto us and receive the Oneness of All That Is, the light and love of this world and all the realms of light of the limitless forms of love. Remember love is All and within that All is the limitless realms of the Creator.

Come unto us and know that which you seek… Love.”