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June 21, 2011



 “The light of love dances the heart of joy. The dance of oneness, the dance of All That Is. Let the light of love bring you unto Me in the fullness of that which is to come. And let that which is to come be fulfilled unto all. The light of love dances you.”



December 29, 2011


Take your thoughts and emotions and transform them into truth and light.” Repeating in my mind some twenty years after I had originally heard my very first spirit guide speak these words to me. Over twenty years, and what seems like lifetimes ago, and the same message that was branded into my psyche has made a full circle. It is now being taught to me again, in layers of teachings and experiences over the past couple of weeks. I’m finding, that is the way of Spirit, to teach in a cyclical manner, to teach and then to repeat the teachings again. Or perhaps, this is the way of the slow learner… Oh, what patience of these Heavens!

As I mentioned, layers of teachings have been coming to me. A couple of weeks ago I was in my weekly meditation group with ‘C’ and as she facilitated the group I had an extraordinary experience. While she was taking the group on a guided spiritual journey; leading us through the deepening process into this journey, I was approached by a friendly and masculine being of light. When I experience on the more subtle realms of energy I rarely see detail of individuals, but get a sense of knowing and emotion, which they act as my eyes and they paint the experience in my mind. This being portrayed a feeling of fatherliness as he placed his arm around my shoulder and said,” Let’s take a walk.”  He quieted my concerns of being able to follow ‘C’s instructions with the group, by saying, “You are able to do both at the same time.” With his words I could feel myself spilt and in my mind’s eye see myself staying with ‘C’s words as I also listened to his kind, strong voice as he began to instruct me. As we walked and being cradled with his arm around my shoulders, his words were loving and strong as he said to me,” Learn to walk in love, speak love, breathe love, eat love, think in love… be love.” His words softening the work day’s held anger of an employee that had proven disappointment and what I had interrupted as a lack of respect for me and the other employees. As he spoke these words there was a love and vibration that shook my core and melted away any residue of anger. I now held only love for the employee and then could see and understand when he said, “You just view things from different angles.” I was then pulled with the words of ‘C’ to my other self. I could see myself and my angel of love conversing in the distance, as ‘C’ was leading the group. It was then, that I was suddenly surprised when I felt a presence slip up behind me and with arms under mine, embracing me in a fun and jovial manner with hands over my eyes. And I heard the familiar tone and voice of my dear Elizabeth. She whispered in my ear, “Hi ‘W”, her voice as warm and loving as her embrace. She released her embrace and took me by the hand and began to lead me. We then were transported, by a rush of energy, to a place of another dimension. Once again in the hand of my dear friend, teacher and spiritual mother, Elizabeth, she who saved my life and re-parented me! She who was the first to set me on the path of self-love was once again at my side. We stood as if on a pinnacle and yet floating as I was in awe of this other realm. There were countless orbs of light moving and darting, floating and drifting in every direction around us. Often almost feeling the need to duck as these glowing spheres of energy came close. As I observed them, Elizabeth in a non-verbal communication instructed that these spheres were living intelligences with form, but yet not made physical. With these words came a thought form of understanding, layered with information. These countless orbs of living intelligences where of our creation, created by our every thoughts, emotions, desires and actions. These entities of living form and energy where the very beginning seeds of creation. Elizabeth continued to show me how an undesirable seed of creation could be transformed before it’s manifested on the physical plane. She then had me focus on one of the seed forms of my own creation. An orb of creation, that was created out of the earlier day’s experience and instructing me to send or radiate love to this sphere of living form and in so doing we watched it transform and take on a lighter, more clear and vibrant energy. I could feel the tears streaming down the face of my physical body, which held the framework for this, other worldly experience that moved me to my core. I am humbled at the love of my dear Elizabeth, who had passed on only a couple years ago, still teaching me as she did in life. And still fresh the feeling of love of he who just wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked in a spirit of friendship. Tears of mixed emotions, feelings of awe and humility, that God would allow these angels to draw back the veil and reveal His mysteries and workings. Feelings of weakness and shame of my humanness, and how I was a oblivious participant in the creating and feeding of negativity, because I was justified in the view of my perspective. But I had mostly feelings of love radiating from my core outward to the Heavens and reflecting back again. I was in the oneness of Spirit and filled with the sweetness of the Heavens as I heard ‘C’ calling us back and I was very reluctant to leave this experience and leave the conscious awareness of association of my friends, my teachers, my angels of love.



Owning a retail store, in the busy holiday season, is crazy and hectic. But I still find it a priority to go with my father to my mother’s gravesite and place the small decorated Christmas tree that her out-of-state great grandchildren created for her. As Dad and I sat on the granite bench that is my own marker stone, (which I had placed early so Dad would have a place to sit as we would visit my mother’s graveside) I can’t help but notice the brass plaque with my name and birth date, with the blank space waiting the date of my passing. It’s an odd sight, mixed with good feelings to sit next to my father in the chill of the winter air talking of mom, of memories, of family and of life. I will always cherish the time spent and the deepening of our relationship. There was a sweet quietness in the cemetery with the chill and contrasting rosy light of the late afternoon sun and mom never disappoints me in letting her presence be known. It is often subtle, but I have grown to notice and respond to the subtleties of spirit. I felt her quiet closeness as dad shared his feelings of her passing and some unease around the final circumstances of her death. It was then that I felt the nudge to share with him my experience with Elizabeth and the lesson of the living thought forms of creation. As I shared, I could feel him in a spirit of receptiveness, and we both were taught a deeper meaning of the lesson, of how important it is to hold and create positive and loving thoughts. By holding positive thoughts and memories for mom, and of her passing, it is freeing for her. There was even a greater lightness in the energy, and he thanked me for sharing with him my experience. As we both relished in the good feelings that took the edge off the chill of the winter air. The chill suddenly shot back into me as we started to leave and he spoke facing my mom’s grave and said in his quiet ninety year old voice, “Well mom, get my bed warm for me.” I immediately said to him in a joking manner to take the severity out of the statement, “Not so quick dad.” He then turned and smiled as we walked back to the car and I tried to shake the chill of his statement.

The last work week of the Christmas season had its toll on me physically and as I spent Christmas Eve with my father, we both agreed to sleep in on Christmas day. Waking in the late morning, which is a rarity for me, I pulled myself out of bed and started to clean a home neglected for the last couple of months. It felt good to create some order. To see the chores get accomplished, that were screaming out to me to be completed. It reminded me of my New Year’s Eve tradition of cleaning my house and lighting candles and receiving the New Year in mediation. So it was with this Christmas day, the house was in order and I decided to wrap my father’s gift before I went over to visit with him to exchange our gifts. As I was wrapping his gift, a quiet presence came over me, which I have come to recognize as a subtleness of spirit, and I could feel the presence of my mother. My heart warmed with her visit and it was then that I heard her words to me, “Fear not that which is to come.” The tears began to flow as I felt the love of Spirit that filled her visit. The words repeated in my mind as I moved up off the floor in the living room and laid myself on the chase hoping to receive more from her. In a few deep breaths came another surprise. I saw appear before me my deceased brother, his wife and their son. All of which died separate and sudden and tragic deaths. This was the first time that I had sensed/seen them together after their deaths and I was a little overwhelmed with the site as I heard their words to me, “Love us as we love you.” I heard myself respond without thinking, “I do love you.” And their quick response rang with clarity, “Love us in joy as we love you in joy.” The lesson was immediate and I once more was filled with the sweet fullness of Spirit. A fullness that permeates the humanness of unworthiness and lifts the soul to a greater desire. I received the lesson into my heart. For I had been loving them in their earthly pain, holding them in that memory. And now I have a new way to love them… in joy. With this realization, I felt a loving admonishment mixed with desire, to groom my thoughts and be a conscious creator.

The basking in the light of my experience came to a close too quickly, and I was being pulled out of the quiet fullness with my earthly commitments to time. In that experience all the pieces of late came together and I saw the tireless workings of countless beings, angels of light patiently layering the lessons of love. Grooming the humanness for a new way. I now consciously walk with that seed of creation planted in my heart. With a new desire, as the words continue to repeat after twenty years of waiting to germinate, “Take your thoughts and emotions and transform them into truth and light.”