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March 4, 2012


“Fear not that which is to come.” The phrase that keeps coming to me in various experiences; first spoken to me by my deceased mother on Christmas morning. And I have heard it since repeat with other experiences of Spirit. But it has left me wondering of its meaning. At first I thought that it was in regards to my father and his departing this life realm, because I first heard the phrase with my mother’s visit on Christmas morning as I was wrapping my father’s gift. But it still continued to come to me. In fact, just a couple weeks ago as I was working late into the evening at my retail store, the familiar feeling when I sense Spirit, moved through my body. And what seemed instantaneously with that awareness of Spirit came the words, “Fear not that which is to come.” This time I sensed/heard the words in a warm, loving male tone. As I was filled with the fullness of Spirit, that is a mix of the emotions of gratitude and joy, the tears began to flow as I sensed the loving presence. I was standing, as I was working and continued with my work as I felt his presence, and I then thought to myself, “Show some respect, ‘W.” So I laid my work aside and sat for a moment to give the experience the respect that it deserved. As I sat and focused, I heard the words repeat, “Fear not that which is to come.” Still not understanding the meaning of the words I decided to have the courage to ask for understanding. And as quick as in the asking, it was answered in a visual picture that seemed to last just for an instant, but left a powerful impact on my mind. I saw for an instant a picture of destruction. Details of the cause and kind of the devastation I was not shown, but I saw people moving out from the rubble of destruction and sensed the disaster was of natural earth causes. Once more, I was filled with the overriding joy of Spirit, as the experience dissipated leaving me in the light of gratitude and love. As the experience lingered I felt a renewed desire to invest in the food storage that I have been contemplating for a few years. As the words repeated, “Fear not that which is to come.”

Through the last couple of weeks I have thought much of this experience and have subtly tried to share it with others. Reflecting on how Noah must have felt having a piece of information and how to disseminate it to others. Feelings of urgency and timidity have worked me as an emotional teeter-totter of fear, and I am reminded once more of the words, “Fear not…” Beyond the concerns of our physicality, as I continue to ponder, I am also filled with spiritual joy. At the continued evolutionary process of she that has nurtured us for eons, whom we are one, she whom has begun to suffer at our ignorance and selfishness, our beloved caregiver, provider, and mother… Gaia.

(Just a note, the phrase “Fear not that which is to come.”, has never repeated from the Spirit to me since I took the time to sit and take in fully the experience of the Heavens. I do think of it from time to time and it continues to motivate me in my gathering of things to sustain me in life in the facing of such a disaster.)






April 4, 2012


Let the fears of today be calmed, to birth the dreams of tomorrow.” The words flowed through my fingers as I text them to ‘L’, the newest downline of my new, fledgling multilevel business. It was almost without a thought, more of a reaction that the message was sent and the chime of my iPhone replied, “Thanks, I needed those words right now.” Here I stand at the gas station pumping gas as I make physical the counsel of the Heavens, as the words flowed through me onto the keypad. I smile with an inner delight and soft joy at the thought of the Heavens working through me. I returned the hose and nozzle to the gas pump, as I continue on my way to my Wednesday night meditation group.

Sitting in the circle of our small intimate group…

I wake up at 2:15 am after falling asleep with the pad of paper and pen still in my hand and the immediate thought was one of judgment about not completing and abandoning my writing. In the duality of thought came this immediate teaching. “Thought and form follow intention.” In those few words came the fullness of the lesson, it doesn’t matter if I was able to complete the physical task, the intention started the physical creation and outcome. It is futile to beat myself up when the intention is as if I created the task. Hmmm, the meat of wisdom to chew and ponder.




April 15, 2012


It is Sunday morning, and I am at a conference in Las Vegas for my new multilevel marketing business. I created this new business to fund my desire to help Swamiji in his efforts to feed the hungry of India. As I am waking up, I am being told to “Write.” I begin my usual struggle, wondering if the thought was of my own creation when I hear the word again, “Write.” A wave of fear and anticipation flows over me, as it often does when I am told to write, wondering if the words will come and if the word upon word process will flow and make sense, but I trust and gather a pen and some paper…

Yes, My son, the will of the Lord is upon you and commands that which has been asked. For the will of He that commands all things cometh once more into your life to say, ‘ The grace of God is upon you and His will, will pave the way before you that the hearts of men will be softened that hear the words from the heart. Speak in love and devotion and your table will overflow with the bounty of He that commandeth all things. Yes, when the heart cleaves unto love, the ears and hearts will hear My words, that will come like music to the soul and the children will delight at the song of hope. Come unto Me continually and ask for guidance, in the name of love and service and know that He even, the Christ of all, known as Jesus will be with you through the messengers of Heaven, and His words are their words and their words are one, with one accord. For He has sent the sword of fire to protect thee and that the way will be one of continual safety and no harm will befall you as you speak of, My Name, in the words of the heart and in the name of love. Come unto Me continually and know that this is My will that your gifts might come forth and that the will of God is made manifest. Choose your words from your heart and the heart will not betray you. Love My children, serve My children and let all that is before you come in My Name. And the price will be of little effort and the cost be of great worth unto those whose ears hear the words of love. Choose your words and I will speak.”

My heart is full and I am in overwhelm with His grace and these words, I begin to question my worthiness…


Question not, the validity of these words and the promises. For My will has been spoken from the beginning until now and will be known throughout all time of them that have a humble heart and come before Me in an attitude of service and love. You question your heart and your ability to serve. Fear not the gifts that you have been given. For I am upon you and there is none greater on this realm of physicality. For it is the will of the Father that comes before you, the God of Light and Love, that created all things in the beginning until now and until the end. You question, ‘Why me?’ And I say unto you, ‘Why not he that has been set on his feet time after time to fulfill the word of God.’  Question not and know, that the will and purpose will be made known. The love of God goeth forth and knoweth all things. Counsel with love and let love be your guide and My words will be a promise to you. Love and wisdom to you My son, even so.”






May 22, 2912


Perceptions are not always what they seem. I have been trying to fulfill the admonishment, “Come unto Me continually.” Since the offering of my gratitude in the form of my heart on the temple’s altar with Solomon. My heart being transformed into a crystalline diamond, I have been trying to catch snippets of focus during my day-to-day routines to help fulfill my commitment. Today as I was focusing on the diamond I observed Solomon step forward toward the altar and with his fist raised he smashed the diamond. My first thought is that he was angry with me, that I have not fulfilled the commands to the satisfaction of the Heavens. With the view of the crushing diamond came confusion and a crushing blow to myself. In a flash I acknowledged all my imperfections and shortcomings and it only fed the belief that I was unworthy and incapable of pleasing the Heavens. As my astonishment was being overtaken in a confusion of thought and worthiness. Then I saw that the shards of the crystalline diamond gave way and revealed an oversized pearl. This pearl shape and image has been popping up in my meditations for a number of months. I watched Solomon palm the weight of the large pearl and with a slight smile he offered it to me and placed the pearl in my heart. In that moment of confusion, I was pulled back by life’s daily reality and was left to ponder the meaning and feelings that were left within me.






May 25, 20012


Waking and feeling the need to honor my admonishment, “Come unto Me continually.” With this my intention I was viewing the altar in the temple as it has been a new focus of submission and honor. With this view I heard his deep resonant voice say, “Write.

Pen in hand…


To fulfill the command, of focus and desire and ‘Come unto Me continually’, one must first have the desire. Desire is the greeter at the door. To pass through the door one must have an attitude of love and gratitude. The focus is in the combination of heart and mind, when you bring the two together it creates the focus of Divine Creation. In Divine Creation the mind is quieted and the heart is allowed to stream the love of the Divine and in so doing the focus becomes one of Divine Creation. ‘Come unto me continually.’, is accomplished when this is brought into fulfillment. Yes, I have given you the focus of the earth elements to help in this effort. The crystalline diamond was to create a draw for the mind’s attention and now I have given you the pearl, the pearl of great price, which is a key to the unfolding of the wisdom that is to come. Focus and place this in your heart, and as you can feel, it will begin to unlock the channels of creation (my third eye is physically pulsing). Gratitude and love will be your guide. You still have resistance, because of your fear of trust and success. We are patient with the pulls and distractions of the earthly realm of existence. Know that the love of He who has set the creation of all things is upon you, even when you doubt your own love of self. Know that the stream of love, or Divine Creation, is a continual flow and one must just tap into that flow with focus and desire. Desire it, feel it and then let the mind be in quiet observance of the miracle. For this is and has been the key of creation from the beginning until now and will always be.‘Come unto Me continually.’ in this is Divine Creation. Practice and know that we love you and continually wait to serve this realm of physicality. Peace be yours this day.”






May 30, 2012



“Yes the will of the Lord is upon you to bless you and to comfort the hearts of those of little belief, in the work that is to be done. The will is that those that believe will receive the gift of faith and know the boundless wealth of He that commandeth all things. You wonder and question the ability of He that revolves the Moon around the Earth, you question He that creates the waters to flow, you question He that breathes the life into life. Question not the grace and love of the Creator of all things, and question no more the hand of God in all things. For He knows your weakness and He knows your strengths, He knows your needs and your desires. Question no more His hand in your life. Do know that His hand is with you and will create the mists of doubt to burn off and reveal the weakness and the thoughts, that will keep the blessings to flow freely. Do you not know of His love for you? Do you not know His hand that has led you from the mouth of destruction and do you not know of His hand that is reached out and willing to lead you through the torrent waters of lack and disbelief? No, you do not see His hand because of the mists of doubt that cloud your vision and your knowing the truth that stands before you. Question no more the love of He that commandeth all things, and that can create the Manna of Heaven to flow forth. The needs and desires are known, and your desire and willingness is needed to begin the journey of faith. Come unto Me and know that I will bless thee in thy faith and the knowingness of all things, that will begin to work in your favor. Question not and know of My love.”






June 7, 2012 Thursday


Waking up at 2:00 am and being told to write …

The time has come for a commitment to understand the way the universal laws of self creation work in the life of the one who dwells in physicality. To understand this concept one must first understand the benefits of the understanding.


To self create is to tap into the creative process that is always streaming, for the good of self and to benefit for the good of others. You wonder,‘When is it ‘good’ to use this?’ So I will answer now. And that is, when it is to bless the lives of others and to make manifest the will of He that creates All, even God. Yes, to understand the will of God one must release the mind of self and tap into the Mind of the All. The Mind of the All is not attached to the outcome and not attached to desire, for these are the constraints of the physical. For if you can manifest All, why would you consider the outcome? And if you can manifest All, why would you even want that which is and already exists? The spiritual mind is one of no need, for it is already attached to the omnipotent, in which there is no need, want or desire. But you who are in the physical and who are still attached to this realm are not fully connected to the spiritual mind of the One. Therefore, to be connected to the physical creates the desire and in that desire, one must also be connected to the will of God to create that which is for His benefit and the benefit of others. The will or mind of God is always streaming and is the Omnipresent, knowing the beginning and the end of all things. Which is in this present moment, for all exists.


So you ask and wonder how this knowledge is used to bring forth the desires of men? This is the workings and understandings, of he who works the will of God. He is to understand the mind of God, which has no beginning and no end, because the present holds what you call past and that which you call future. The now is the mind of God, which holds all things and the conditions of all situations/creations. For what need is there if it already exists? And I say unto you, it is the need of the expanding principle, the thought or spark of life that questions and then creates in that question. ‘Is there more?’, is the spark of life that creates the process, the wonder of All, that creates the creative process. To the mind of physicality this sounds contradictory, but to the mind of connectedness, it is perfect understanding. In the fullness of all things there is no desire, but complete surrender to the knowing of all understanding. It is in, you might say, ‘seeing one’s reflection’ that you see the creation of wonder. The mirror of All shows the wonder of creation and in the wonder of creation is the beauty of that which exists. There is no contradiction here … so to tap into the will of God, is to tap into the flow that is streaming, and in that streaming, is the desire to reflect and view that which already exists. Like a beautiful woman admiring herself and wanting to view herself in the mirror from all angles; the beauty of creation experiencing itself. The will of God is always elevating itself in wonder, to the endless of the eternal mirror. You wonder about the elevation when all exists, this is the phase that allows creation to be viewed and manifested. It is all in the viewing of the reflection.


So you have a desire here in the physicality and in that view or desire is the will of God to see the perfection of the creation that already exists. Yes, you are beginning to understand in glimpses, the will of God. Therefore, the will and streaming flow of love and creation are one of continual flow. It is in the desire to see, be or do that connects into the continual stream of the All. And I say unto you, understand this and you understand Divine creation and the power of self-creation. When Divine creation and self-creation connect it is in that connection, the will of God is made manifest in the levels of the All of creation.


You have this to consider for now, ponder and wonder and the laws of governing and order will be made known. Yes, gratitude is the seeing of the beauty in all creation; be of beauty and be of gratitude.

I am with thee and be of a restful mind in the safety of that which you fear, peace My son.”






June 26, 2012


Just a note, I am recounting the day’s experience, as I am at home now and writing it out, and as you read that is when the second experience happened.

An amazing experience happened to me today as I was out running errands for the shop. As I was going about my business I began to feel this undercurrent of sadness and I was wondering what it was about. I questioned my own life, looking to see where this sadness might be coming from, but could not put my finger on anything as the feeling persisted. When I returned to the shop I got caught up in doing some pressing tasks and as I was working I shared with my co-workers of my feelings, my questioning and my inability to pinpoint the source. They then all started to share how they all were running some sadness in their lives over various reasons; it was then that I sensed, the becoming familiar wave of energy that came over me, as I was sensing spirit present. As I stood at my workstation I shared with one of my, more open, co-workers what was happening and a huge jolt of energy shot through my body giving my body a full body jolt, which ‘L’ saw and it was then that I became aware of ‘L’s father, who had recently passed. I also began to realize that this experience could move into a full-on channeling session, but the place and timing was too vulnerable for me, so I shut down the experience and closed the spiritual door. But in my mind I continued to question the intention of the experience and as I questioned and pondered I felt a lot of agitation, sadness and then heard the thought/message to me, “She is making a mistake.” You see ‘L’ is soon getting married and so I asked if it was concerning her marrying ‘S’? It was then that I got a feeling/sense that she was withholding an invitation and that she was making a mistake. With this thought came also the same feeling of agitation and with it came a push to share the message with ‘L’. So after a few minutes and when it was convenient for both of us, I looked over at ‘L’ with a look of, ‘you know what that was’ and then approached her with her father’s message. The store then became busy and I had to go to the front to help with some customers, and as I finished and returned, I enquired if it made any sense to her and she replied with a “Yes.”, that she had been considering not inviting and having her bother walk her down the aisle.

Hold on … spirit is present as I am writing this…

I hear, “Will you write for me?” as waves of energy and spirit are flowing over me, the tears are flowing as I say, “Yes.”

With my pen in hand…

“To the ‘love of my life’ and my dear daughter and my family, I am in the loving grace of light and love and know the kiss of He who has created All. As I say these thing I say them in love and understanding of a view that is from one of another prospective, one of the eternal love of Jesus. Know of His love in life and you will know of his love in death. Be happy, be of love and be full of life. Enjoy life and all the blessings and wonder that it has to offer and know that I am with you and for you. You think that I am gone, but I am with you and can be with you if you open to me. Remember, my love and my ‘Little one’, know that I only want the love and grace for you that I feel and have here. Let go of that which is beyond your control. Love me and focus on our love and let that love flow through you to those around you. Let go of that which is not yours to carry and know of my love for you and my family. Be happy and of good cheer of the upcoming wedding. Know that as you walk down the aisle that it is I who walks with you and it is I that will be looking into your shining face of beauty. And my love for you and the ‘love of my life’ will be felt. Peace be to your heart, let it be light and full of love. Be happy my ‘little one’.”

“Thank you my son of light for hearing my words.”

Wow, my life is a trip! I am left with combined feelings of wonder and as if it is a common everyday experience. I am experiencing both feelings together, one part of me is tripping out and another part just wants to roll over and get some sleep with it now being 1:30 in the morning.

As I was saying, ‘L’ said that it made perfect sense, because she was feeling anger for her brother who was suppose to walk her down the aisle and she was thinking of having her uncle do it instead. Her thoughts had not been shared and she was struggling with the decision and now was even more confused because of her anger with her brother.


And now with this new message of this evening the beauty continues.

Just a minute ago as I was writing, after the message came through, I felt a wave of negative energy and fear ran through my body making my hair stand on end. So I called on the love and light of God to protect me and for the sword of Michael to protect and watch over me. And as I called on the powers of the Heavens I felt an immediate response, as I prayed I could feel a clearing of my personal space and my home. This has been happening to me lately, as I open and especially after some of my most spiritual experiences. It happened in my meditation class and as I shared with the group, that it felt as if there was a war over me,  for my soul. ‘C’, the lead of the class and a channel, called upon her personal guide or you could say angel, and He/she said, “There is a force that does not want information to be coming through.” And it does continue to seem like that is the case, when there is more light, it is after that that I feel more of a threat. In fact, I feel that I need to stop writing and focus on my prayers of protection and love.

“Be still My son and know you are safe. Be calm and know of our love for you and of your work. Yes, you sense the past words of Elizabeth, of your being a channel, and yes she is here with you and we speak as one as we say unto you, fear not and know of our love for you. Trust not in the fears of those that you fear. The illusion of their strength is meant to thwart your intentions and efforts. Fear not in the illusion of fear. Trust in the love and fill yourself with the light and love of He who commands all things, and let the light cast the shadows of only love, and all will be well. Believe in the words and know you are safe in the love of God. Rest, My son rest.”






June 2012


“My son, My son be not afraid of that which lies before you. The hand of the Lord is upon you and His will, will protect you. Never fear that which comes at you, for all is to build you and strengthen you you in your connection of love and honor. You fear the world and I say unto you, ‘Fear not those that oppose you, fear not those that condemn you, fear not those thoughts and concerns of being alone, for you have a host of angels ready to sure you up in your hour of need, in your times of sorrow. For the hand and truth of God is upon you and whispers His will to you and speaks the emotions of love into your heart to fill you with the wisdom of love and compassion. You question our connection to you in your physical life struggle and I say unto you, ‘Question no more the love of God, but question your love of God. It is never the flowing outpour that faileth, but it is in the hiding of shame that one questions the Heaven’s love. Are you not My son? Are you not of Me? Why would the perfect love not love? Come unto Me continually and know of My love, breathe in My love and let it be the air of life for your soul. Breathe into Me and be the king, warrior, savior, wise man, spiritual leader, child that you are. Fear no more, the thoughts of doubt and the burden of being alone and let the hosts of Heaven sure you up in your hour and times of need. Even as I cried out to the Heavens on the physical plane, let your voice be heard and know of Our love for you. And it is My promise to you that no physical harm shall befall you. I can know of your questionings on the mental plane and tell you that no man, no energies can harm the emotional soul without the permission of belief of unworthiness, understanding this will cause you to hurt no more. The woundedness of the soul is what causes/permits the woundings to happen. Let the breath of love fill you and heal you. Let My breath, breathe into you and fear no more. Let My love free you from the chains that bind you, let My love set you free. Free to fly and soar on the breath of love. You are loved; you are free. Soar, My son soar.”






August 8, 2012



Lying and pondering life, and the progress in my understanding of the path that I am on, and asking myself, “Why would one/I not run into the arms of God? Why am I not willing to completely submit myself to His will? Why do I resist, when I have been shown the way and have had the way blessed and anointed by Him?” In these ponderings, my mind continually is turned to the account of Adam and Eve in the garden and hiding in shame. Yes hiding in shame and I am reminded that it was of their shame and feelings of unworthiness that kept them from God. And so it is with me, I also have feelings of unworthiness and hide in shame. And these feelings of unworthiness then translate into disbelief in self and in trusting my abilities to be/do as God desires of Me. That makes some sense as to why it seems that I take some steps on the path and get some momentum and then stumble. I think that I am stumbling over my own feet, sure there are some rocks and obstacles, but what brings me down are my own feet and the inability to regain balance after the stumble. Once more my mind is given an analogy of a child learning to walk. There is the innate instinct and belief in self that continually picks the child up time after time until one step is followed by another. Yes, the child will fall on his or her bum and might even sit there for a moment, but does not give up or ask themselves, “Why can I not walk?”, they just get up and continue the learning process. Ahhh, so it is our mind that tells us we cannot and that we are unworthy, and it is then that disbelief and non-trust creeps in because the mind shows the evidence of accumulated past experience. The inexperienced mind of the child does not interfere with the innate programming of success. And I am reminded again of a recent struggle with my own feelings and core issues of love and worthiness, when the words of God came to me, “Why would the perfect love, not love?” Ahhh yes! “Come unto Me as little children”, the words and teachings of Christ now mixed with tears of understanding.

I got up to get ready for work, because I am already running behind, and as I took a few steps I instinctually, without thought, turned back to my bed and dropped to my knees in gratitude and a prayer of thanks for the teachings. And while on bent knees now understand why we kneel and pray. While on my knees I heard the words, “Submission and Humility.” The lesson is now complete. Thank you.






August 22, 2012


I just laid down Paul Tsika’s book, ‘Releasing Your Full Potential’ and feeling the need to ponder. I have been praying and asking some self examining questions for the last couple of days and have been asking God to show me the way …

Pondering life and the progress of my understanding of the path that I am on … asking myself, “Why would one or I not run into the arms of God? Why am I not willing to completely submit myself to His will? Why do I resist, when I have been shown and the way that has been blessed and anointed By Him?”






December 2, 2012   Sunday morning



I am being told to write, but I’m resisting, because of feelings of unworthiness.

“Come unto Me,” keeps repeating all morning, as a series of events have brought me into my heart again. Some may call it a creation of my mind, a coincidence and yet with each event was a leading to this place, a return to the pen and my heart. I am not sure what to believe and what I do NOT want to believe. What I have learned to trust and be a barometer of my truth has been present through my body energy, jolts, heart emotions; and I am still in question… either I divorce myself of what I have learned to trust or I must trust in my experiences. A crossroad of faith, the same crossroads that I have been at many times over; the crossroads of fear, expectation and submission. If I trust my experiences, it is a series of events to lead me to an open heart.

Waking this morning and being in the ‘mists of Lehi’, a mental place of uncertainty and fear, wanting to hide from life, when I happened onto Joel Olsten’s television broadcast. He preached on the ‘spoken word’ and how it is better to be in silence rather than to speak our negativity into creation. A place I have been, as of late, and his message was a glimmer in the mists of my mind. In changing the channel I then happened onto a BYU program, ‘The Joseph Smith Papers’ and as I heard the words and teachings my heart opened further and I could feel my body start to charge up with energy, as it does when I can sense Spirit present. It was then that I caught a glimmer of an image standing in my room, a knowingness of sight, it was Joseph Smith. As I write this I feel crazy … am I making this up? But why would I even want this! As I saw and felt the presence of Spirit I heard him say, “Come unto Me, saith the Lord.” And my body jolted with energy and I heard myself cry out (whether verbally or in my mind I am not sure), “No, oh no!” Not wanting this experience, because with it I interpreted will come a road of submission for which I am not wanting or ready. I am ashamed to say that I turned from the experience and tried to return to the television when I heard the message continue to repeat, “Come unto Me.” I was now wanting and resisting at the same time as I threw my thoughts into the next programmed series, “The Life of Christ” as I listened to BYU scholars tell of Jesus and his baptism by John the Baptist. They spoke in depth of John the Baptist’s message of repentance, which in ancient Latin means “to return”, return to the ways of God, as I still heard in the back of my mind, “Come unto Me.” My heart and emotions continued to flow as I listened to the scholars and the words of Joseph. Opening my mind and heart, but still in resistance as the program ended. I then turned to the next channel and it was Michael Buble` in concert, as he sang a song about returning to home. I continued to move into my emotions and my heart opened, and the emotions that I had been trying to avoid flowed openly. I let the tears stream, and I was open once more with a desire to listen. It is then I heard, “Write … The tide of time…” I searched for pen and paper, and now here I am writing this and clearing the way for what is ready to come forth, as I can feel Spirit waiting…

“The tide of time has flowed over the banks of what you call reality, and it is he that lived and lives that bore the truth of He that reigns. Yes even I, Joseph, have come unto you to bear witness of He that knoweth all things and calls you unto Him. It is He that also called me, and it is He that now calls you. Your struggle is the same as the boy of New York, one of spirit, one of confidence, and one of fortitude. You struggle with the earthly realm and the dealings therein … do you not think that I struggled? Do you not think that I was afraid and even wanted to turn away and hide? For what man or woman of faith and a calling has not doubted the calling, has not doubted themselves? For you have tried to hide, and it is the same Lord that called unto your Mother and Father in the Garden, in their nakedness, and it is the same Lord that sees yours. Your sins cannot hide you or that which you fear. Your nakedness is seen, and still you are called to return. Yes to repent, return home to He that loves you beyond measure that knows of your weakness and cherishes your strengths. You have hidden in the shadows of fear long enough. It is now time to step from the shadows of hiding as the man you are called to be. To step from being a boy of fear and to a warrior of spirit, to step into that role that has long awaited you at this time and in this dimension. He that calls you son, calls you to Him, and He now calls forth the programming of this warrior to come forth with the words of truth and the action of God.

You even question now and I say unto you, “Question not, He who gives you life, breath, and the days upon the earth. Question not the warrior you are and question not your understandings.” You, who have waited to come forth in the battle of life, have come forth to bear witness of that which is and that which is to come. You cannot hide. You cannot be a boy of fear. You cannot let another do what is to come. For I have come to say, “Come unto Me” and as you come unto Him, the Lord of All Creation, you come unto the Father.

Fear not my brother, and pick up the yoke that is before you and your burden will be light. For the Angels of Heaven will guide you and help carry that which is too heavy, for he that endureth all things and delights in the way of the Lord. All will be shown unto you. Trust in the Lord and all things will manifest and be made possible.

Our love and blessings are upon you even as you are in your weakness, ‘Come to Me’, even so.”