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  • Krisalyn

    Diane, in Office 365 – if I create a shared mailbox, can licenses O365 users also see contacts and calendar? We used to have public folders but that’s not possible with O365. Is this a workaround? They are Exchange only (no sharepoint). Tech support has not been that he.ufpllThanks

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    Hi Hans,Looking forward to the coaching call. I love the videos you post. You make it look so easy! You have encouraged me and inspired me to stop trying to be perfect and just get it out there. I hope to have some questions for you on the call.God Bless!

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    Thanks, Lisa for stopping by! My all time favorite sexy nerd is hands down Daniel Farady from LOST! I cried and cursed the writers when they killed him off.

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    Dear Vix, you deserve all your friends because you're fantastic.I will send your parcel at the end of the week. I won't be home before that as I have the funeral on Weds etc.Speak very soon xx

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    Lou, isn’t it hysterical that Queen Karol, Mirth, and Erin act like they’re the patriots to lead our nation in the right direction, but as soon as I say, “Boo!”, they go running, screaming, and flailing their arms to Aravosis? Hysterical! Gawd, I wouldn’t even want these assholes teaching my son how to play soccer, let alone, lead him in the right direction, because he’d end up in rehab too! LOLOLOL

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  • Well, Leonard does work in mysterious ways. In this case, however, the Dublin date is a typo with “Sept” mistakenly replaced by “Aug.” The correct date is, of course, Sept 12, 2012 (one of the four Leonard Cohen Dublin dat4s in 2012) – as is indicated on the videos themselves. Thanks for calling this typo, now corrected, to my attention.

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    OH I hate lurkers.. drives me BATTY. I learned real quick that my oldest sister would read my feed on FB and then run to mom telling her bs about what I wrote, knowing mom has ZERO ability to get online and read it herself. Guess who is now removed and blocked on my FB..

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